Many businesses and industries have a need for commercial garage doors. Just about every business that moves any amount of stock has a loading dock. Loading docks should have a commercial garage door installation for ease of unloading delivery vehicles. Door Power discusses the different types of businesses and industries that use commercial garage doors.


Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors differ from residential installs by how you use them. A residential garage door may open and close once or twice a day. You use a commercial garage door consistently throughout the day. This frequency of use demands better hardware, a stronger opener, and stronger springs.


Examples of Businesses/Industries Using Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are useful in many different types of businesses and industries. Here are five examples of utilization of commercial garage doors:


1.      Mechanic and Repair Shops. The most common application of a commercial garage door is a car repair facility. The commercial doors used in this type of facility are most likely sectional doors, as they are more cost effective. You can also get sectional doors with insulation so you can close the doors to allow the space to be air conditioned.

2.      Restaurants. In recent years, many restaurants have gone to using commercial garage doors to be able to open their dining rooms to the outdoors. Use of glass panels in sectional doors allows the doors to close during inclement weather, and open when it is nice outside for patrons to enjoy open-air dining.

3.      Fire Departments. The demands of fire departments with needing to exit their buildings quickly in case of emergency demand the use of a commercial garage door. For areas that need light, glass sectional doors work well.

4.      Manufacturing Companies. A manufacturing company utilizes loading docks to offload raw materials and then again to load manufactured goods for shipping. Heavy equipment moves goods on and off of delivery vehicles. Commercial garage doors are crucial in the day-to-day operation of any manufacturing company.

5.      Retail Stores. Just as manufacturing companies use loading docks, so do retail stores when they receive goods from the manufacturer. Commercial garage doors are useful in moving goods from delivery vehicles to the stock area of stores. Roll-up commercial garage doors are commonly used in retail loading dock locations for security.


Commercial Garage Door Installation in the Twin Cities

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