On our garage door installation blog, we talk a lot about the importance of residential garage doors to day-to-day life—and for good reason! Few homeowners truly appreciate how hard-working these appliances are. But when it comes to your commercial business, garage doors are just as important, if not moreso; they play an active role in your bottom line. After all, without efficiency and reliability, how are your workers to get to stored goods or unload trucks? How, then, are they to get their jobs done on time?

Whether you’re looking to replace a commercial garage door or buy a whole fleet of new ones, then, it’s critical that they facilitate getting the job done. But what does this look like? Door Power, your Norwood commercial garage door installation pros, is here with a brief how-to on selecting the right commercial garage door installation for your needs.

Choose a Garage Door With a Metal Finish

There’s no denying that wooden garage doors look fantastic, and that their classical veneers rightfully suggest strength and stability. However, wood garage doors require lots of regular maintenance, and they’re prone to fragmentation and rot if neglected.

You need a commercial garage door that works with your business, not adds another to-do to your list. For that reason, we recommend that your commercial garage door(s) be made of metal. It’s a sleek, no-frills, no-fuss material that’s just as hardworking as you and your team. Plus, even if your business has customers to serve or is trying to go for a welcoming, trendy feel, there’s a steel door from Clopay to fit that look. Check out their full-view aluminum doors!

Insulation Is a Must-Have

We always recommend insulation for any garage door, be it carriage-house or overhead, residential or commercial. Check out our reasoning on our garage door repair blog, “Four Reasons to Buy an Insulated Garage Door.”

However, when you’ve got valuable inventory to protect from the elements, insulation is more than a recommendation—it’s a necessity. Any business wants to minimize its accidental losses, and in a state where the word cold takes on a whole new meaning, padding up your garage door is one of the best ways to do just that.

Insulation is good for more than your inventory, though; it’s good for your workers and customers, if the latter is applicable, too. Employees will certainly appreciate going to work in a space that’s warmer, and you may even stop cases of frostbite on the job. In addition, if you’re operating, say, a restaurant that uses garage doors to become open-air in the summer, you may be able to keep your doors open—metaphorically speaking—in the wintertime with the right kind of insulation. Plus, you’ll also save on your energy bills!

High Security Is Required

Whether your business houses goods or serves customers, no doubt your garage door protects something valuable, and you need it to always be up to that task. That’s why we always recommend advanced security measures for commercial garage doors. Even if it might run you a little more in the short-term, the long-term benefits of peace of mind and stability are well worth it.

Dealing with high-security garage door openers needn’t be a headache, though; with solutions from Liftmaster, a brand we proudly install and service, you can manage your commercial garage door straight from your cell phone. You’ll also receive alerts when a door is left open and shouldn’t be. With modern technology, it is easier than ever to embrace the full benefits of a safe and secure garage.

To learn more about Liftmaster’s safety-boosting potential, check out this company brochure. Though it deals with the automotive industry, the applications for such technology are endless.

Energy Efficiency Saves you Green

Becoming a more sustainable business is more than a trend; it’s a very real way to help our planet in need and save you money in bills to boot. Though there are plenty of ways to practice environmental friendliness—making sure windows are caulked and lights are LED, for example—you may as well take the opportunity you have now to invest in an energy efficient garage door.

Insulation is a smart way to do that, for one; you’ll spend fewer dollars trying to maintain the temperatures of your garages. You also may want to invest in an energy-efficient garage door opener, especially if it’s one that will be in use frequently. Though each open-and-close cycle may only take a few moments, those moments add up throughout the day and month.

Every business needs to save money, and thus every business needs an energy efficient garage door, both in terms of the opener and the door itself.

Door Power: Your Commercial Garage Door Company of Choice

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