What Safety Features Should Your Garage Door Include?

Garage doors definitely make our lives a little more convenient. The ability to automatically open and close streamlines the process of pulling our cars into the garage. However, even though we take this convenience for granted, garage doors can be a serious threat to your health. As such, you want to make sure that your garage door has all the right safety features before you purchase your next garage door.

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Get Help with These Five Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs aren’t too complicated, but they can be dangerous. Your door’s springs have high tension, and the rails need to be checked repeatedly. If you’re dealing with faulty seals, you’ll need a professional’s touch to assure complete repair. Here at Door Power, we love helping our Minnesota homeowners. Before turning to do-it-yourself methods, consider calling our team to handle the following:

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The Anatomy of a Garage Door: Breaking it Down

There are at least 200 industry terms that garage door specialists use when installing or repairing a garage door. Although we take the lingo for granted, we can’t expect our clients to know all about garage doors. Therefore, we’ve assembled a list of common and practical garage door components and their function. Having a layman’s knowledge of these terms will help you communicate with your garage door contractor when you begin your next project.

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A New Garage Door is a Smart Investment

Read any article on best home improvement investments, and a garage door replacement consistently makes the list. According to a recent report released by RISMedia, the real estate industry’s definitive source, the average garage door installation or replacement gives a homeowner a 76% ROI. For upscale houses, the ROI is even greater at 85% putting garage doors at the top spot for 2017. Other reports have projected that garage door replacements can have up to a 91% ROI. This is impressive considering that the national average ROI for all home improvement projects is 64%.

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How to Protect Your Garage Door From Hackers

That’s right: Your garage door can be hacked. Your home is more vulnerable than you think, and today’s thieves are cracking open garages in a digital realm. You might be vulnerable, but you have options. As today’s technology is improving, so are your tools to fight back. Being vigilant helps, but it won't provide long-term security. If you want to keep your garage safe, you’ll need to rely on a trusted provider. Door Power is here to help, and our garage solutions guarantee year-round protection.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Repair Your Old Garage Door Opener

Your garage door might be safe in your car, but it’s taking damage over time. Electronics age, and homeowners often find themselves with dysfunctional—or, worse, unfunctional—garage door remotes. Every so often, you should check your door openers for bugs and quirks. If any electrical problems get out of hand, they can easily become long-lasting problems. Below are the main reasons you should get a check-up, or even a replacement.

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How to Care for Your Garage Door

As long as your garage door works properly, you probably don't think about it very often. You might use it several times every day, but it just goes up and down as needed. You should, however, be aware that like most other parts of your house your garage door does need upkeep from time to time, whether a repair because of immediate damage, general maintenance if parts have become out of alignment over time, or perhaps an upgrade which will provide a convenience for you.

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Garage Door: Style and Function

Typically, a homeowner buys a house and doesn't put much thought into the garage door. As long as it goes up and down as needed and generally matches the style of the house, it seems as if there is little else to think about. However, garage doors can add style and function to the home through the use of different designs and features.

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Top 5 Garage Door Safety Tips You Must Know

Your automatic garage door is a huge convenience for you each day. It saves you the time and hassle of having to get out of your vehicle every time you want to leave or enter your garage. As convenient as it is, there are some safety features that you should know about to ensure the longevity of your garage door.

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Routine Garage Door Maintenance and Repair

Although many homeowners don't spend much time thinking about their garage doors when something goes wrong, and it doesn't work properly, you realize that similar to other aspects of your home; the garage door needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Assuming there is no obvious physical damage to the door, the motor is the part people think to check if the door isn't working properly. However, there are also springs, cables, chains, and rails which can wear out over time or become out of alignment.

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