Our Difference

our difference

We are a family-run business located in the Minneapolis, St Paul area of Minnesota. We love our state and the people in it. We realize that there are many companies you could call when you need to repair your garage door or install a new one. That’s why we do things differently. Here’s what you can expect from Door Power:


We quote you a fair price, only for the work you need done. Too often, we hear tales of unscrupulous companies overcharging unsuspecting customers for unnecessary or misdiagnosed work. Not here. We’ll do exactly what you need, when you need it, without any high-pressure sales tactics or door-to-door salesment.

Straightfoward Approach

We don’t beat around the bush. We do what say we will, plain and simple. Our pricing is completely transparent, and our warranties are some of the best around. More than that, we live in the same communities where we work.

Same Day Service

If you call by noon, we guarantee we’ll be at your home or business that same day. In fact, if you call by 2pm we can almost always make it to your place on the same day. For all other service calls, we will be out the next day.

Owner Answers

Are you tired of calling a business and getting an automated answering service with a huge menu of options? Us too! That’s why, when you call Door Power, Bill will answer. That’s right, our owner picks up the phone and will answer all of your questions from the first time you call us.

Expert Technicians

Great work is performed by great people, and we have some of the best. We don’t use any subcontractors, so every single job that we complete is done by us. Each of our technicians is highly trained and has mastered our proprietary installation system. Plus, we live in the communities where we work. We take pride in what we do, and will respond to any issue that you might have.

We are taking the following precautions during this time:

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