Garage doors aren’t fussy in the traditional sense of the word. When was the last time yours decided to become temperamental? You probably can’t remember it at all if you’ve worked with the garage door repair pros at Door Power – we’re great at upholding the integrity of these vital machines. Broken garage doors? Not on our watch!

However, there will come a time in every garage door’s working life where it starts to have the hiccups, so to speak. Be them due to age, poor maintenance on your part, or a freak incident, many homeowners and business owners will experience garage door issues, and these can range from mildly annoying to downright life-threatening. Some even result in your garage door’s complete failure to operate, putting a stop to your busy household routine or workflow. What a headache!

Because, in these few-and-far-between situations, trying to figure out what’s wrong with your garage door can be quite stressful, below Door Power has compiled a nonexhaustive list of garage door ailments to help you take action and call a professional.

My Garage Door Is Noisy!

Does your garage door serenade you with burps and squeals at the push of a button? While a noisy garage door can be quite amusing at first, it doesn’t stay that way for long. Your neighbors will start to complain, and it will become impossible for you to enter or exit your home quietly. Good luck keeping your kids asleep if you get off work late!

For businesses, it can be a nuisance to workers, who require a relatively quiet environment in which to perform at their best. However, a loud garage door is more than just an annoyance. In certain circumstances, its causes point to much more dire issues.

●        Bent garage door tracks cause quite the ruckus. Your garage door tracks are what keep your garage door traveling in the same up-and-down path every time. If these become bent for whatever reason, it results in a rubbing noise as the door and tracks jostle for dominance. If your garage door wins this battle and falls off the tracks, it becomes nonfunctional altogether, so get a garage door repair team out there ASAP! 

●        Loose nuts and bolts make a noisy racket. These tried-and-true materials keep many of your garage door’s parts in place. If they’re loose, of course they’ll rattle! We won’t go into what happens if they break; you probably can picture it on your own. Needless to say, it isn’t pretty.

●        A faulty garage door spring makes a variety of noises. Your garage door spring needs to exert just enough force to pull your garage door up; too much or too little can result in a snapped cable, which renders your garage door completely nonfunctional, not to mention quite dangerous. This problem can result in a variety of strange noises, from banging to squeaking.

My Garage Door Won’t Open!

Isn’t that an inconvenience! So many things can cause a nonfunctioning garage door, including some of the issues we’ve already mentioned. Regardless, this can be a sign that your maintenance routine needs some serious overhaul, because your garage door has been neglected in that respect.

Some specific culprits of a dead-in-the-water garage door include:

●        Broken or faulty garage door opener

●        Snapped cables

●        Snapped garage door springs

●        A bent garage door track

●        A blocked or dirty photo eye (A common safety feature in modern garage doors – this one is a simple fix!)

●        Somebody locked the door manually (Again, a simple fix!)

As you can see, some of these issues are simple cases of human error and don’t require the help of garage door installation or repair specialists, but the more severe ones – bad cables, springs, and tracks – do.

If you’ve checked out all the obvious causes and your garage door still refuses to budge, get a garage door repair specialist out there ASAP. These repairs are far too dangerous for the inexperienced.

My Garage Door Won’t Close All the Way!

Having one stuck open is almost as bad as having one stuck closed! The insulating properties of your garage door can no longer serve their purpose with a gaping hole in the garage; your energy bills will skyrocket, especially considering we’re smack-dab in the middle of a Minnesotan winter!

The following causes of stuck-open garage doors are similar to the ones for stuck-closed. In other words, various and sometimes related to human error. Again, if you’ve run through the quick fixes and you’re still at a loss, contact a garage door repair specialist.

●        Bent garage door tracks

●        A blocked or dirty photo eye

●        Something tripping your photo eye and preventing the garage door from closing as a safety measure

●        Frozen garage-door lubricant

Door Power Is Here to Help With All of Your Garage Door Needs

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