You want to protect your business, your inventory, and your employees. Your commercial garage door is an entry point into your business. By following good security practices, you can protect your business. Door Power shows you how to enhance security for your commercial garage door.


Enhancing Security Saves Money

Crime, theft, and vandalism account for high losses in businesses. Your commercial property is a target for thieves, especially after hours. Your commercial garage door is a point of entry and a vulnerable area. By enhancing your security, you reduce the risk of theft or vandalism and save your business money.


Security Cameras For Your Commercial Garage Door

In recent years, prices have come down a lot on security cameras and sensors. Most security cameras available now connect to the internet and allow for streaming access to video. Many allow for programming of alerts when the system detects motion. A small investment in security equipment can go a long way in improving security for your commercial garage door.


Maintenance Inspections Insure Security for Your Commercial Garage Door

Our professionals can perform a maintenance inspection on your commercial garage door to insure all the parts are working correctly. Commercial garage doors get a lot of wear and tear. Older doors may have worn or damaged parts, and even newer doors may show wear due to heavy use. A damaged commercial garage door is vulnerable to intrusion by thieves or vandals.


Upgrade Keyless Entry Openers

Since the year 2000, the technology of keyless entry has had many improvements. If your business has an older keyless entry system, look into upgrading to a rolling code opener. New technologies allow for codes to change and be sent out to Bluetooth connected openers. You can also change codes on keyless pads via an internet connection so no past employee has access to your warehouse.


Old Fashioned Lighting and Locks

Nothing beats a well-lit area in preventing potential crime and vandalism. Motion sensor lights are a good way to light an area without increasing your utility bill. Also consider adding a padlock or two on top of whatever other security you put in place. The goods and inventory you sell are worth an extra layer of protection.


Commercial Garage Door Installation in the Twin Cities Area

Door Power is your source for installation and repair of your commercial garage door in the twin cities area. We have the expertise to solve any problem with your existing commercial garage door. We sell new installations and carry state-of-the-art commercial garage doors for any application. For more information give us a call at 952-467-3199, or message us at