You or someone else just drove into your garage door. Do not panic, this is an occurrence that happens from time to time. It can particularly happen during periods of inclement weather such as a Minnesota blizzard. You pull into your driveway and hit a patch of ice and slide into the door. Door Power in Norwood, Minnesota can help you repair or replace the garage door.


What to Do First

First, inspect the damages to the garage door and the car. Visually check the rollers, hinges, lifting cables, and entire lifting system. Remember, it is best not to touch anything or move your vehicle until a professional garage door repair company arrives. The crash site is both a safety hazard and a scene that an insurance adjuster may need to inspect.


If the damage is not too bad, remove the vehicle but make sure there is not anything hooked on the vehicle. Stand about eight feet from door and test to make sure it is working properly. Press the button on the remote opener and make sure there is not any noise, and everything is working properly in its place. If you hear a noise or see something that is off, then stop the test immediately and do not touch anything. Call Door Power to come out and look at the damage.

If the damage is bad, do not touch or move anything. Do not even move the car. Call one of our technicians immediately.


Which Insurance Company to Call

If someone hit your garage door, it is difficult to know which insurance company that you want to call. For damage to the garage door call your homeowners insurance and for damage to your car call your auto insurance. They will be able to determine who pays for what damages. Let the professionals determine what type of coverage is available to you.


Can Your Garage Door be Repaired?

Your garage door is like a sixteen-foot removable wall that comes in sections. If one section is destroyed up, it may be possible to repair that section without purchasing a replacement garage door. However, a garage door specialist needs to determine this. Call one of our door specialist at Door Power to determine if your garage door is repairable.


Garage Door Repair in Norwood, Minnesota

If you or someone else drove into your garage door, you need to have the damages investigated immediately. Call Door Power in the Twin Cities metro area to come and tell you the extent of the damages. We can repair or replace your damaged garage door. We offer services in garage door repair and installation. Give us a call today to get your damage inspected. You can reach us at 952-467-3199, or message us at