Your garage door certainly takes up a lot of space, so it’s understandable that you’d be concerned with the way it looks! Luckily, with Door Power on your side as your garage door installation pros, you’ve got access to a huge variety of colors and finishes, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Though it might be easy to figure out what you like from an aesthetic standpoint, it might be more difficult when how your garage door looks tends to affect how it opens and closes. That’s why Door Power is here to help.

Below, we’ll discuss the two basic garage door types, brief you on their features, and help you decide which one might be the best fit for you.

Carriage House Garage Doors: Flashy & Fancy With an Old-Timey Flair

Harking back to the days when horses and buggies were the norm, the carriage house garage door is certainly a style to impress. It swings outward, across one’s driveway, or retreats into your garage on a track perpendicular to the ground. Some models even can be pulled backward over your vehicle’s head for a sleek and simple opening procedure. Door Power is proud to stock such products.

If carriage house garage doors can function so many ways, then what makes a garage door fall into this category? Well, the group is certainly broad, but most carriage house garage doors have

●        Metal hinges, be them faux or functional

●        Windows

●        Striking natural coloration

●        Classy textures

Is a Carriage House Garage Door Right for me?

Most likely! Because carriage house garage doors are such a large and inclusive bunch, there’s probably one out there for you that fits your spacial and stylistic needs – one that we, as your garage door company of choice, are more than happy to help you find.

However, there are a couple considerations you must make before welcoming a carriage house garage door into – or, rather, onto – your home.

●        Can I afford it? Though many affordable options exist, carriage house garage doors tend to be on the pricier side and come with lots of great features, such as insulation.

●        Does it fit with the style of my house? Carriage house garage doors are a luxurious addition to many landscapes, but exceptions are possible.

●        Am I ready to take care of it? These garage door types have the same level of maintenance requirements as any other, but since they often are a substantial investment, you’d be wise to answer this question before purchase.

Overhead Garage Doors: Modern & Streamlined

Unlike carriage house garage doors, overhead garage doors are characterized by their only opening upwards. They’re a modern garage door style that’s seen on a variety of homes today, and they’re well-beloved due to their affordability and efficiency.

While arguably not as big an umbrella term as carriage house garage doors is, overhead doors still have fairly easy requirements to meet.

●        They open upwards (go figure! Like we said, though, there are also carriage house garage doors that open upward)

●        They tend to fold into sections as they go

●        They may lack windows or metal accents

Is an Overhead Garage Door Right for me?

If you want one, the answer is most likely yes! Because they don’t open outward like some carriage house models do, an overhead garage door is a solid choice for a variety of households. Since they’re affordable and a common style, too, you really can’t go wrong.

That being said, it’s still helpful to consider all the questions we talked about in our section on carriage house garage doors. A garage door of any type is a big purchase, and the more angles you look at the decision from, the better you can be sure you’re making the right one.

Still on the Fence? Door Power Can Help

As we’ve discussed above, both styles of garage door are incredibly versatile. While there may be a feature or two that dictates their functionality, both are easy to coexist with, and both can add much-needed functionality to your garage space.

We know, we know, that doesn’t make picking out the right type of garage door any easier—but that’s why we’re here! Door Power, your Norwood residential garage door installation experts, prioritize quick response times and warm, welcoming service that truly attends to your garage door needs.

We know how important a well-working garage door is to a functioning family life, so we spare no effort to be your one-stop shop for all stages of the ownership process—from garage door repair to installation. Your need for service doesn’t stop the first time you press the garage door remote for your new garage door, after all!

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