You’ve probably heard your exterior renovations pro advise you to stay away from wood siding, wood window frames, and wood roofs—they’re fragile and require intensive care. But does the same go for your garage door? Can this massive structure be made of this material and stand up to the heavy demands a typical family puts it through day-to-day?

When you shop with Door Power, the answer is a resounding yes! We strive to provide only the best in residential garage door installations, and that does indeed include a wooden option. Below, we’ll dive into typical customer concerns regarding this material and how our wooden garage doors stand out from the competition and put those fears at ease.

We Have Wonderful Opportunities for Wood Door Colors

Generally speaking, steel garage doors tend to beat out wooden ones when it comes to the sheer number of color options available. From whites to bold reds, the possibilities are seemingly endless—but don’t discount Door Power’s wooden garage doors before you’ve seen their potential.

We’ve got a whopping seven different stain colors to choose from for your new garage door, which means you’ll find a wood color that harmonizes perfectly with your outdoor decor. Plus, nearly any type of wood is fair game when it comes to the base material, which gives you even more color pallets to choose from! Natural is beautiful, and nowhere is this more evident than with a custom wooden garage door from Door Power.

Our Models Have Style for Miles

When most people envision a wooden garage door, they think of the stately, classic carriage-house style. While this is definitely one option for your garage door, as we discussed in our blog on the subject, it’s not for everyone. Modern-style homes require modern-style exteriors from top to bottom, and it’s this thinking that may make some homeowners shy away from a wooden garage door in the first place.

That concern, though, is moot when you work with us. Door Power has brought wooden garage doors into the contemporary age with our completely custom design options. We’re well-versed in garage door styles, as we demonstrate in this garage door installation blog, and we know well that a traditional material doesn’t necessarily mean traditional flair. With sleek hardware or bold colors, wooden garage doors can harken back to older eras while remaining firmly stylistically anchored in the present.

Additionally, we even can work with designs that you, the customer, provide, if you’ve got something incredibly specific in mind. When there aren’t stylistic limits to your wooden garage door, it can create any kind of impression imaginable—and look great doing it!

Our Garage Door Company’s Wooden Doors Are Practical

It’s a common complaint about wooden garage doors: they just don’t hold up. Because of their organic material, if they aren’t made right and kept well, you’ll indeed see a reduced lifespan. Luckily, though, you can trust that Door Power will provide you with only the toughest and smartest wooden garage doors around. Garage door technology has come a long way in recent years, and we’ve fully embraced its progression in both the products we sell and our craft.

Multi-Layer, Enhanced Wooden Garage Doors Provide Ultimate Durability

Each wooden garage door we sell is made with four to five layers of material for ultimate performance and longevity. While you’ll still need to tend to your wooden garage door as you would any wooden outdoor product, the high degree of layering gives our doors a sturdiness you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

We also sell wooden garage doors with optional aluminum weather seal retainer for additional durability and strength to ensure long-lasting weather protection. Learn more about the Modern Wood collection, which features this, from our partner Clopay.

On top of all that, we sell our wooded garage door installations with top-notch hardware. Sturdiness comes standard with our service!

Our Wooden Garage Doors Value Energy Efficiency

We’ve already talked about why you should consider an insulated garage door on our residential garage door installation blog. In short: because your garage door functions like a movable wall, you’d be smart to insulate it as you would the rest of your home. Many of our wooden garage doors come insulated, providing you with an additional layer of protection against Minnesota’s moody weather. You get classical good looks right alongside worry-free weather protection.

Plus, when you work with Door Power, you get the help of installation pros with more than a decade in the business. We’ll make sure everything is installed ship-shape, maximizing your wooden garage door’s energy-saving potential.

Door Power: One Garage Door Company, Endless Possibilities

Residential or commercial garage door installation—no matter your needs, we’ve got a garage door model to fit it. Give our Norwood office a call today at 952-467-3199.