Insulation is a big buzzword here in Minnesota—as it should be. Our winters are frigid, our summers boiling, and our springs and falls too neatly in the middle to be comfortable either way. Nevertheless, we buy insulated coats, make sure our attics are adequately insulated, and carry our drinks around in insulated bottles. So why don’t more people in this state have insulated garage doors?

While too often seen as a luxury,  we at Door Power, as garage door installation pros, know the practical use of insulated garage doors for any household. They’re not a splurge. An insulated garage door dramatically improves your home in terms of comfort, functionality, and more. Learn all about why an insulated garage door should be your next significant home renovation below.

Insulated Versus Uninsulated Garage Doors

When it comes to surviving another Midwest winter, an insulated garage door is a key player. However, if you don’t immediately go out and buy an insulated garage door in preparation for the cold months, are you missing out?

Before you say yes or no, understand what an insulated garage really is and learn more about the primary differences between insulated and uninsulated.

What Makes an Insulated Garage?

While it is certain that insulated garage doors are more expensive, you are in fact getting more. An insulated garage door has several added layers of steel and insulation materials.

There are two types of insulation materials used in insulated garage doors, with the least expensive and most popular being polystyrene. It serves as a valuable solution to creating a more insulated garage space.

The other material used for garage door insulation is polyurethane. Although it is more expensive, it has a higher density, is more durable, and is resistant to vibrations and shaking.

So, if you are revamping your old garage band or converting the space into a workshop, an insulated garage with polyurethane is a better investment.

Is an Insulated Garage Right for Your Home?

Ask yourself a few questions:

●        Do you have an attached garage?

●        Do you want to use the garage as something more than storage?

●        Is your garage a living space; i.e. a spare room or a place where your pets sleep?

If you can say yes, or even maybe, to any of these questions, you should seriously consider an insulated garage with Door Power.

Need more reasons to consider an insulated garage door? Check out the reasons below.

1. Insulated Garage Door Installations Save You Money

Much like any significant household improvement project, there is an initial upfront cost that comes with insulated garage door installation.

Still, insulated garage doors pay for themselves, and more, in time. And, unless your garage isn’t attached, this space often leads to an entryway and butts up against a living room, kitchen, or other indoor areas.

Heat or cooling loss into your garage can occur through these spaces in several ways, whether through poorly sealed doors or from normal entering and exiting. However, when the garage is insulated, this loss is minimized, meaning that your furnace or A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to ensure things stay comfortable.

You save hundreds every year through energy-efficiency and long-term cost savings. The result? Lower energy bills.

2. Insulated Garage Door Installations Help the Environment

Going green? Pat yourself on the back because you’ve signed up for a noble cause. Fortunately for those looking to help the planet, an insulated garage door is the way to go.

Because the insulation decreases the workload on your furnace and A/C, you won’t just pay less for your energy—the environment will, too.

By investing in an insulated garage door, you’re also investing in the health of our planet. What’s more environmentally friendly than that?

3. Insulated Garage Doors Provide Sound Reduction

Your garage door should never be overly noisy. But, if it is, you probably need garage door repair. Check out our blog Three Things That Cause a Noisy Garage Door for more information on the subject.

In brief, noise points to a mechanical issue with the garage door track, a bolt somewhere, or the garage door spring. So why does it matter that insulated garage doors provide noise reduction, and how do they do it? Let’s start with the latter.

Insulated garage doors are filled with insulation, whatever that means for the given model. Compared to traditional models, they are more solid and provide a quieter running experience because they do not rattle as much. They also provide an excellent sound buffer when closed.

Does this mean that traditional garage doors are noisy? Absolutely not. It simply means those who want premiere sound reduction find the right solution in insulated garage door installation.

If you own a loud truck, live in a busy neighborhood, coexist with light sleepers, or have a home that backs up to a busy road, an insulated garage door may be just the ticket to a more peaceful and quieter life.

4. Insulated Garage Doors Add a Whole New Room to Your Home

If your garage door isn’t insulated, you probably don’t spend a lot of time in your garage. If you do, it’s not the most pleasant experience. After all, if you wanted to be outside in the Minnesotan cold, you’d be there.

With insulated garage doors, though, it’s like adding room onto your home. It offers comfortable, regulated temperatures and the privacy of indoor space.

Want to build a home gym but don’t have the room? How about a space to pursue your painting passions? A woodworking area? A storage spot? A mechanic’s shop?

No matter your dreams, your insulated garage door can help achieve them using the space you already have on hand.

Door Power: Top-Notch Insulated Garage Door Installation

Of course, you’ll only get all the benefits you need from an insulated garage door if two things happen: if installed correctly and if you find the right one. At Door Power, we’re honored to say that we do both.

Proud vendors of Clopay Garage Doors, we’ll match you with some of the best-insulated garage doors in the business. Clopay has demonstrated the impact of their insulated lines themselves, and they offer multiple types of insulation in multiple models. So your perfect garage door is just waiting for you!

As far as our garage door installation abilities go—check out our gallery and reviews. They speak for themselves. When you’re ready to make the change to insulated, give our Norwood office a call today at 952-467-3199.