When it comes to art and design, Americans and Europeans influence and inspire each other in almost every industry. Such is the case with garage doors. Discerning homeowners looking to add a little flair to their garage doors can learn a thing two from European style. Door Power can help you find the right European trend that accents your home exterior and gives your property a unique creative edge. Here are some of our favorite European doors styles that work well in almost any American home.

Glass Paneled Doors
One of the best features of glass is that there are lots of options for you to choose from. For instance, you can cover the door in glass panels that are tinted, frosted, or lined with window film. You can choose your design, pattern, color, and overall style. No matter what you pick, your garage door will make a statement.

Dark Doors
Europeans love dark garage doors. And while this presents some challenges in design, an appropriate home setting can provide the perfect backdrop for dark brown, gray, or blue garage doors. A common European matchup is dark doors paired with paneled exterior walls. It has a clean effect without looking institutional.

Traditional Wood, Modern Home
Wood is often associated with timeless, classic, traditional styles. Our installers, however, have installed wood garage doors in modern homes that looked anything but traditional. The result is a vintage European look that is both attractive and trendy. If you go with wood doors, we recommend that you take some time to find out what shade of wood goes best with your home’s colors.

Foldaway Doors
Most garage doors open vertically - but not all. A popular European approach is to add foldaway doors to the garage that open horizontally. Foldaway doors open and close on a rail or slide. Glass doors that open into an empty garage highlight your car. Add a few lights throughout the garage and you now have a full showroom look. Foldaway doors are just as secure as standard vertical garage doors.

Solid Panel Trim
Europeans love panels. A popular approach is to highlight each panel with heavy dark or light trim. The trim is set in contrast to the shade of your garage door. For instance, if you have light tan door panels, we can add a dark brown trim so that both the trim and the panel stand out. You’ll achieve a sharp uniform look that covers the entire garage door.

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