Garage doors can be made from many interesting materials and combination of them that include steel, vinyl, wood, and composites. They can also incorporate glass windows. How do you decide what materials are best for a new garage door for your home or business?

This short guide describes the advantages of these materials so you can learn more about them and the potential trade-offs when comparing one material with the others.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel has the distinct advantage of being extremely tough and durable. When compared to wood vinyl, and composites, it resists damage better. In a slight collision accident, a steel door may only be bent. This is a fairly easy repair to fix. Steel can get hit and not crack like what may happen with other materials.

Vinyl Garage Doors

Vinyl is popular because it is a low-cost material that looks good. It requires low maintenance as well. It is a bit more delicate than steel and will crack if hit hard enough. Otherwise, it holds up well and stays good-looking for a long time.

Wooden Garage Door

A wooden garage door may be part of the overall aesthetic design for the home. Carriage wooden doors and wooden doors that slide open are popular designs. A wooden garage gives a home a vintage, classy look. Wood is strong if pressure-treated with special chemicals that help preserve the wood, make it more fire resistant, and create a deterrent against pest damage.

Composites Used for a Garage Door

Composites are materials that are made by using adhesives to hold laminated layers of materials together. They are usually a little stronger than a solid wood door and hold up better.

Composite materials can be worked with using the same methods as those used for solid wood. They can be sanded, painted, and finished like solid wood. Composite doors are usually less expensive than using solid wood and preferred for their added durability.

Glass in a Garage Door

Windows are a very attractive element for a garage door There are two concerns with windows. One is the energy efficiency of the door is lowered because glass is not a very good temperature barrier. If the windows use double-paned glass, this energy loss is less. The other consideration is the ability of a stranger outside to look in through the windows of the garage door to see what is inside.

If the window glass is clear, this may add some security risk to the property, which needs to be addressed. As an alternative, there are many decorative glass materials that are attractive but their opaqueness does not allow someone to look through them to see what is inside the garage.


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