With luck and a good maintenance routine, your garage door should only need the attention of a pro for regular checkups. Unfortunately, accidents and the unexpected can and will happen, though, and at some point you’re likely to find yourself in need of emergency repairs. Given that this doesn’t happen often—and that it’s quite the stressful experience of not having your garage door working—everything can quickly begin to feel quite overwhelming.

Door Power, your preferred Norwood Young America garage door installation and repair pros, is here to help. While each garage door company has their own way of doing things, there are quite a few commonalities across the industry when it comes to repair service. Below, we’ll dive into what to expect when you contact a garage door company for emergency repairs.

Prompt Service Is a Must

If you call with an emergency, you should expect that your situation will be treated as such. There are, of course, various types of emergencies, some which require more urgent attention than others—but generally speaking, your garage door company should endeavor to get you to as near-same-day service as possible. Garages are an integral part of your day-to-day logistical life, not to mention your home’s security, especially if you have modernized camera systems or your smart home is connected to the garage.

But prompt service doesn’t just extend to when your garage door company fits you in; it also extends to how they handle you over the phone. Given the nature of your call, you should expect a real human to pick up—not an automated robot (unless you go to voicemail). You deserve to talk to a knowledgeable person who can point you in the right direction, not have a robot waste your time.

Door Power is proud to go above and beyond this guideline. Our company owner answers when you call! We believe our customers all deserve that sort of prompt and personalized attention; we understand the huge role a garage door plays in your life and are committed to getting yours up and running again ASAP.

A Thorough Inspection Must Follow

Garage doors can sometimes be anything but straightforward—there are reasons why you should call a pro to handle them. But even the pros shouldn’t be careless or too quick to assume when they’ve arrived on the scene! A thorough inspection of your garage door is necessary for them to get the job done right, and you’d be smart to expect it.

Of course, there are certain problems—such as sheet metal tears or broken garage door cables—that are quite obvious to the untrained and trained eye alike. We’re simply stating that your garage door pro shouldn't use any assumptions when working with your machine, as doing so can leave you with a shoddy repair job. Thoroughly checking everything over and sparing no efforts in their inspection is something any garage door pro worth their salt should do.

You Deserve Straightforward Pricing

When your garage door suddenly breaks, you’re no doubt under quite a bit of stress. You should expect your garage door installation pro to understand this—and to talk finances with you in a correspondingly appropriate manner. No pressure-heavy tactics, no beating around the bush about what you need done or how much it could cost you.

Everything that’s on your potential bill should be expected and talked about beforehand. Hidden fees or surprise charges are simply unethical when the customer is dealing with an emergency situation—or any situation for that matter. You should know exactly what will be done and what you’ll be paying for before any work begins at all.

Timely Repairs: A Requirement

“Timely” is, of course, subjective. Certain garage door problems take longer than others to fix, and more time should be allotted to the professional for extensive jobs. Plus, weather conditions can also help or hinder how quickly things get done. Because the amount of potential garage door repairs is infinite, as are climates, it’s impossible to give an accurate answer to “how long should my repair take?” here.

Who should give that answer: your garage door pro when they finish their inspection. If it takes any longer than a few hours, you can expect a reasonable explanation as to why. While some repairs may very well err on the longer side, you deserve a reasonable explanation as to why—so don’t be afraid to ask!

Door Power: Norwood Young America’s Premiere Garage Door Repair Pros

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