Carriage garage doors offer an alternative option to standard garage doors. They have a timeless appeal that adds charisma to your current home design.


Door Power offers complete carriage garage door installation. We can remove your old garage doors and replace them with new garage doors to add aesthetic and value to your home. Contact us today to schedule garage door service.


What Distinguishes Carriage Garage Doors From Other Doors?


Carriage garage doors combine two elements: 1) Rustic charm associated with a carriage house and 2) Modern convenience of an overhead garage door.


Carriage house garage doors are adorned with intricate woodwork in the form of barn-like, criss-cross planking. They are also known for their large handles and decorative window inserts.


Modern carriage doors still possess the same attractive design but incorporate modern hinges, vertical framework, and advanced safety features. What’s still intact is their rustic charm.


Choose the Door That Fits Your Needs


Whether you are seeking the perfect match for new construction or simply replacing existing garage doors, carriage house style can be the ideal way to incorporate your personal taste into your home’s exterior while also enhancing curb appeal.


Garage doors are available in an array of colors, materials, dimensions, and features. A door power specialist can sit down with you and go over all the options available.


What should you consider when investing in a garage door?


●        Color and Style: Will the door be a natural fit for your home’s exterior design. Does a carriage door match your home’s colors and style?


●        Materials: Garage doors are usually made of natural wood or reinforced steels.


●        Size: We take measurements of your garage entry before we install a brand a brand new garage door.


●        Windows: You can choose different size windows for your garage doors. If you customize your door, you can select the position and arrangement of the windows.


Garage Door Material Options


The type of garage door material you select will depend on your style preferences and security needs. Each material offers distinct features and benefits.


The three main types of garage doors include:


1.      Wood Carriage House Doors

Nothing replaces the appeal of wood doors. They also offer the highest value of any other door. Real estate agents swear by them. When you install a wood door, you will immediately love the way it looks on the outside of your home.


2.      Wood Composite Garage Doors

The only downside to natural wood doors is that they require extensive maintenance and may warp due to the outside elements. You may want to choose a more practical option like wood composite garage doors.


Wood composite doors provide a sustainable option because they are made from recycled material. They are also crackproof and require little maintenance.


3.      Vinyl Garage Doors

Vinyls garage doors maintenance free. They are scratch resilient and will not dent, rust or crack. They provide insulation from the outside. You will also be impressed with how quiet they are.


They are come in several colors and generally available for you to install right away.


 Dependable Garage Door Service From Door Power


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