Your summer vacation could end in disaster if you arrive home and discover that someone has broken into your garage.


Door Power can help you secure your garage and keep your home safe while you are away. We offer a wide selection of garage security features that will deter theft and provide safety inside your house.


How can you tighten security in your garage? Read below to discover what safety features you can add.


Garage Door Lights


A simple and affordable way to keep intruders from entering your garage is installing garage door lights on the door. Our lighting systems contain sensors that will trigger the garage door light when there’s movement or when the garage door opens.


We can retrofit garage door lights on your current model if you don’t want to replace the door. As soon as someone breaks into the garage, the light will come on and expose them to the neighborhood. The best thing about sensor lights is that the garage doesn’t have to open. So if the thief breaks in through the window, they will still be surprised when the lights turn on.


Keyless Entry Pad


Is someone house-sitting for you? You may want to give them access through the garage. If so, they won’t need a key to open the door. We can install a keyless entry pad that allows them entry.


The keypad will open and close the door. When they walk out of the garage, they simply shut it using the control and then lock it using the code. The keyless system may even include an alarm that notifies you of unauthorized entry into the garage.


Remote Control System


If you are not a big fan of keyless entry system, you can always program a remote control to open your garage door. The remote control grants access. There are lots of remote options that include keypads, open and close buttons, and even alarm features.


If someone opens the garage door without the remote, an alarm may sound and chase the intruder away. All remotes open and close doors all the way or partially.


Programming Your Garage Door With Your Home Alarm


If you currently have an alarm system in your home, you can integrate the garage door with the system. Newer alarms have features such as corresponding apps, police notification, or customer support.


All you have to do is program your garage to work with the system, and you are ready to go. Check with your alarm company to find out how you program your garage door. We can set up your system so that you can have peace of mind on your vacation.


Garage Door Installation and Repair in Minneapolis, Minnesota


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