Residential garage door installation is always a healthy investment for any homeowner. If you find, that you need to expand the square footage in your garage, then Door Power can help you every step of the way. We know firsthand the advantage of adding a second garage to your current floor plan. Below we break down three reasons why you need a second garage door!


1.      You Have Two Cars
Garage door repair may be the perfect opportunity to build onto your existing garage. This is especially true if you own two cars. We can custom design a garage door that secures both of your cars and gives them protection from the outside elements. You can even add a little wiggle room for storage and easy walking between the vehicles.

2.      Home Storage
One of the most common reasons homeowners don’t park in their garage is the extra space becomes a catch-all for their storage items. The solution? Add the second stall to your garage. This will double your space and finally give your vehicle a place to call home. Since we’ll need to upgrade your new garage door opener, you will also want spring replacement and cable replacement options to handle a bigger door or match the second door.

3.      Add Value to Your Home
In addition to a second garage being more functional for your home, it can also significantly increase your house’s resale value. A double garage is an attractive feature for any homebuyer. This is especially true if you replace all the old components with new parts such as garage door tracks, garage door openers, and advanced safety features.


Customize Your New Space
If you’re the creative type, you’ve probably already considered the possibility of turning your newly extended garage into your mini-paradise. If you want to do more than keep the lawnmower in the extra garage, then you can turn it into an entertainment room, wine cellar, home theater, party room, recording studio, art studio, or reading room. The sky's the limit.


Add New Garage Doors

If you are going to create additional real estate in your garage, then you’ll want to consider finishing it off with some brand new garage doors. Door Power can help you find the perfect garage door that will match your house and suit your taste and style. We can custom design your new garage to your exact specifications. We also provide garage door opener repair and new installation. Call us today at 952-467-3199. We provide a wide array of services and products for home and business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.