Is it time to give your garage door system a much-needed refresher? Door Power has put together our top five picks for garage door upgrades and replacement ideas that will revitalize your entire garage. Check out our recommendations below:


1.      We Recommend Impact-Resistant
Although older garage doors did a great job of giving you privacy, they weren’t always durable or strong enough to withstand everyday life. Our newer doors are impact-resistant and can stand up to heavier impacts. By choosing high-quality garage doors, you won't’ have to worry about small damages throughout their lifespan as they will be able to within stance the impact of everyday life.

2.      Heavy Insulation
What is the R-Value of your current garage door? In other words how much air, moisture, or heat/cold does it allow to penetrate into your garage? An insulated door performs this function well. It keeps the chill out of the garage during the long, cold Minnesota winter season. It also cuts down on the noise outside. Consider upgrading your door for a heavier insulated door for year round fun in the garage.

3.      Update Garage Door Parts
If you’re not looking to purchase a new door, then we recommend reinforcing your old door with new parts. We can provide full spring replacement, cable replacement, and even fit your current door with new garage door tracks. Your garage door will operate like new and keep the items in your garage safe.

4.      Safety Features
No garage door system is complete without a lineup of safety features. Door Power can equip your home with plenty of devices such garage doors that have no windows or strategically place windows, garage door openers, lights, alarms, lights, battery backups, keyless entry pads. All of these products are designed to heighten security in and around your garage.

5.      Replace Your Garage Door
If your garage door is ready to fall apart or looking a little old, then your best bet may be to go with a garage door replacement. We are a wide variety of unique garage doors for you to choose from and our team is on hand to walk you through the entire process. Check out our Inspiration Gallery to get your ideas rolling!


Let Door Power Upgrade Your Garage Door

As winter approaches, you’ll want to make the necessary updates to your garage door. At Door Power, we can replace your entire door or the components that are worn out. We also specialize in garage door opener repair and installation. Our services extends to both residential and commercial properties across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Call us today at 952-467-3199 for a free estimate. We’re here when you need us.