Finally: Sunny weather, gentle temperatures, and gorgeous canopies above. Fall is in the air! Make sure to get out there and take advantage of this sunshine while it still lasts; any Minnesotan will tell you that such days are precious gems that deserve your full attention and mindfulness. As true as that statement is, though, any Minnesotan will also tell you that you must make time for essential practices now, namely winterization. If you’re new to the area or haven’t heard of the term, it’s essentially defined as bolstering a given item against the change in weather that comes with winter—the cold, ice, and precipitation—so that it doesn’t get damaged.


Even if you haven’t lived in the area long, you’ve most likely heard stories about how tough the winters are here. Most people won’t exaggerate, and perhaps that’s enough to convince you to winterize every aspect of your home’s exterior. If so, good on you! You’re making a smart choice. However, even the most dedicated homeowners often neglect one crucial aspect of their home’s exterior: their garage doors.


Take it from a garage door company and a provider of garage door repair: while garage doors tend to be built to last (especially if you buy from a reputable business like Door Power), every model appreciates a little TLC before winter sets in, and it’s much to your benefit to winterize. Properly winterizing your garage door accomplishes the following:


●        It keeps the weather out of your garage | Your garage should act as a weathertight storage unit, protecting the valuables inside from wind, rain, snow, and moisture. While the consequences of an ailing garage door in this respect aren’t often seen in the more temperate fall months, in winter, it becomes evident if your garage door has been prepared to handle the weather. Proper winterization ensures that your garage serves its purpose all year round, and serves that purpose well. Your car and other doodads you store in your garage will certainly appreciate it.

●        It can decrease the risk of injury | Metal tends to become more fragile in the cold. While well-maintained garage doors are perfectly safe (why else would seemingly countless homes have them?), poorly maintained ones with fragile metal parts are at serious risk of malfunctioning or otherwise outright collapse. Of course, this can spell doom for whatever is in your garage at the time, but it also can lead to, arguably, more notably, severe injury. Proper winterization protects you and your belongings from the disasters fragile metal can bring.

●        It can protect your plumbing | Yes, your plumbing! If you have any pipes that snake through your garage, the cold temperatures of an improperly winterized space can cause ice buildup in said pipes, which, when combined with the aforementioned brittleness metal encounters in the cold, can cause ruptures and water spraying everywhere. That’s less than ideal, to say the least, especially since your garage is supposed to keep safe what it stores! Winterize your garage door right and keep your garage warm and prevent any unfortunate incidents.


It’s evident that winterization of your garage doors can prevent all sorts of disasters, from destroyed belongings to medical bills. It’s an essential task for any Minnesotan—but just how do you do it? The garage door pros at Door Power, providers of commercial garage door installation and residential garage door installation, are here to help. Below, you’ll find a few simple and stress-free places to get started with your garage door winterization process.


●        Take a look at your garage door cables | Your cables are the parts of your garage door that holds it up as it rises. It coils as the garage door opens and can generally be found resting around a bobbin-like apparatus found near the top of the machine. Have these cables seen better days? Do they look more like metal paint brushes than the strong rope they should? If you notice any type of fray, get a professional in to replace them ASAP, as cold winter weather and already fragile metal certainly don’t mix.

●        Investigate your weatherstripping and see if it needs replacement | This is the stuff that surrounds the edges of your garage doors, which keeps out the wind and snow. If it’s terribly faulty, your garage will turn frigid, potentially resulting in the aforementioned burst pipes. Make sure cracks do not exist and that you cannot feel any drafts, as these drafts will certainly get colder come winter!

●        Consider lubrication | The right product, when applied to the right garage door part, can help keep it working smoothly and protect it during the colder months—but when it comes to specific parts of your garage door, it can actually prove detrimental. Should you choose to go this route, do your research on what type of lubricant will work best for your garage door, and be sure you know exactly where to put it. If you’re a little lost, the professionals at Door Power are just a phone call away.

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