Your garage door is an investment – a solid one, but an investment nonetheless. From helping you save on your energy bills (if you bought an insulated garage door) to boating your home’s curb appeal, the right garage door installation can do a lot for your home.

So how do you make sure this substantial purchase serves your family for decades to come?

Regular Maintenance: A Marvelous Longevity Booster

You take your car in for an oil change every given number of miles. You sleep, shower, and eat because – need we even say it – these activities prolong your lifespan. To the garage door pros at Door Power, it’s equally as obvious that you should be taking care of your garage door periodically, but the needs might not seem at all similar to you.

As a garage door company, we’re here to share our perspective. Let’s discuss why and how regular garage door maintenance prolongs the lifetime of your garage door.

Keeping All Parts Working Well Prevents Excess Wear

Garage doors, as hardworking and tough as they are, are designed mechanically to function a certain way. When a single item, such as your garage door spring, isn’t pulling its own weight, other parts must work harder – in ways they weren’t made to – to compensate.

At the very best, this will lead to premature garage door repair, which usually is a lot pricier than taking responsibility for your garage door in the first place. At worst, neglecting maintenance over time leads to swifter degradation of individual parts, necessitating an entirely new garage door installation before your old model has done its due time.

Preventative maintenance makes sure you get the most out of your garage door by making sure you get the most out of its individual parts. It’s just common sense!

Regular Care Keeps Your Door in Good Shape

One area that’s particularly vulnerable to premature failure if not taken care of: your garage door’s exterior. Whether carriage-house or overhead, it has to put up with all sorts of chaotic Minnesotan weather. No wonder it needs a little TLC now and again to look its best!

When this TLC is neglected, the results can snowball. A crack from hail damage, for example, weakens the area surrounding it, leaving your garage door even more vulnerable to damage than before it sustained it in the first place. Left alone for an extended period of time, this means that a simple split can cause your garage door’s whole exterior to crumble and rust. Of course, you’d need a new garage door in this instance!

When you take care of the garage door you already own, you make sure that its exterior can do its job faithfully and for years to come.

Maintain Your Garage Door and Prevent Dents From Collapse

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: discovering your garage door crumpled in a heap, off its garage door tracks and only halfway standing.

Many things can cause outright garage door failure, such as a broken garage door spring or garage door cable. Regardless of the underlying issue, collapse like this exerts immense pressure on your garage door’s exterior, potentially causing dents and scrapes. While some of these problems can be remedied with garage door repair services, others could be dire enough to require an entirely new garage door that, if the collapse hadn’t happened, wouldn’t have been in the cards for years.

The good news is that collapse can easily be prevented by periodic maintenance. And as a bonus, said maintenance will also usually tell you when the machine’s parts are aging and require replacement. Take care of your garage door, and you won’t only prolong its life, but you’ll also keep your family safe from the potential danger of an unpredictable failure.

But I Don’t Know Anything About Garage Door Maintenance!

That’s understandable! It’s not a topic that homeowners tend to go around talking to one another about, after all. Luckily, Door Power is here to help.

For starters, check out our blog posts on taking care of your garage door. You’ll learn a lot just from a quick read or two!

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And for any emergency or any maintenance procedure you don’t know how to handle, your local Door Power is just a phone call away. From garage door repair to garage door installation, we do it all, and there’s nothing we haven’t seen when it comes to what we do – and no problem is too small! Sometimes we might be able to help you through simple problems over the phone!

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