Your dishwasher probably makes noise, as do your washing machine and dryer, but your garage door is one thing that should NOT be on the noisy side.


So annoying is a noisy garage door, in fact, that you might just be tempted to climb up there and lubricate it yourself. Or worse – to actually attempt mechanical repair to shut the darn thing up. While we at Door Power completely understand your frustrations, we always advise you to seek out a pro to fix your noisy garage door woes!

DIY Garage Repair Can Be Dangerous

Dealing with such a machine is dangerous for the inexperienced. Though your garage door may feel light, that’s because your garage door spring and garage door cables do a lot of the heavy lifting. In reality, your garage door can weigh over a hundred pounds, so don’t mess around with it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Avoid Additional Damage

You could make things worse. Yes, even by doing something as simple as lubricating! Applying, say WD40 to your garage door—what might be your first step if you aren’t a garage door repair professional—can actually make things louder if it’s used incorrectly. Oil is also a poor choice, as it attracts grit that can degrade mechanical facets over time.

You May Need a Replacement Part or a Whole New Door

Lots of noisy garage door problems aren’t simple fixes. Do you know anything about installing a garage door spring? How about a garage door track?

Indeed, noisy garage doors are often the result of some pretty complicated problems. Garage repair is typically a large-scale project that you’d need to take substantial time off of work to tackle, or otherwise carve out precious weekend time.

“If I always should hire a pro and the situation is likely to be a complicated one, is my noisy garage door toast?”

Not necessarily. While only a personal consultation with Door Power will let you know if you need garage door repair or garage door installation, there are indeed a few simple issues that are known to cause quite the sound-off. For your peace of mind, we discuss these and their more dangerous counterparts below.

Loose Nuts & Bolts: Garage Door Repair Bread & Butter

Nuts and bolts are just what you’d think: the metal bits that secure many parts of your garage door. Due to time or poor installation, these parts of your garage door may simply loosen up, resulting in a noise like a rattlesnake every time you open or close the door.

While your garage door still may be able to function just fine with a couple things loose, the problem is still dire; When things aren’t secured, your machine can’t function as it was designed to, something that drastically increases the risk of other parts malfunctioning, which can leave your vehicles sitting ducks in the garage.

Luckily, loose parts are easy to fix for the team at Door Power. And it’s quick, too! Since our Norwood team can often offer same-day service, you’ll get your peace of mind back in no time.

Harder to Fix: Problems With Garage Door Tracks or Springs

While loose nuts and bolts are concerning, these two issues pose more imminent dangers. If you suspect either, speedy professional attention is critical to keep yourself and your belongings safe.

Like we said earlier, your garage door spring is part of what shoulders the weight of your garage door on a day to day basis. If it’s putting out too much or too little force in relation to how heavy your garage door is, it can have quite the impressive vocal range. Snaps and squeals aren’t uncommon with this issue. Consider them your garage door’s cry for help! If a garage door spring isn’t attended to rapidly, 100 pounds of unhandled door can come crashing down without warning.

Garage door tracks are another dangerous issue that requires professional attention. If you’ve ever inspected your garage door yourself, you probably noticed that the reason it’s able to run up and down the same path day in and day out are the tracks that rest under its edges. Garage door tracks are usually pretty hardy, but if they’re hit in a storm or if your garage door cables have broken, it can become bent.

If your door is still functional at this point, you'll notice a grinding noise as your straight-edged garage door struggles to ascend. If you don’t get a garage door repair pro out there fast, your garage door may suffer the same fate as one with a broken garage door spring would.

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