If your garage door isn't working, the first thing on your mind is usually to get it fixed so you can gain access to your belongings and restore your home’s security. However, having a broken garage door fixed isn't always the best option. Depending on the situation, sometimes it's better to take the opportunity to have it replaced altogether!

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you make the decision to repair or replace your garage door, courtesy of Door Power, your Norwood garage door company of choice.

Is the Garage Door Installation’s Damage Extensive?

A garage door that suffers severe damage, such as a hit by a car or large tree limb, will rarely ever look as good as it once did. Even if the mechanical parts are fixed, the door will be dented or cracked. This can make your whole house look like it's in disrepair. In this case, it's better to get a new door.

Additionally, while severe damage isn't always visible, your bank account will see it just fine. If it turns out that you not only need a new spring but also new tracks and a new cable, it's a good idea to just start with a brand new door. The cost of all of the repairs will add up to almost the same thing.

How Can I Tell if my Garage Door Installation Has Extensive Damage?

Of course, “extensive” is a subjective term. Plus, since said damage isn’t always immediately visible to the naked eye like we said, it can masquerade as a much smaller, much more fixable problem. We won’t lie—for the layperson, it can be hard to assess the state of a garage door, especially since most problems yield the same result: the thing won’t open or close!

That’s why it’s important to get an educated opinion from a garage door repair and installation company before you make your decision. With their systemic knowledge of how garage doors work, they’ll be able to accurately point you in the right direction. Preferably, this company should have technicians that, like ours, aren’t paid on commission; this allows them to give you unbiased feedback without their paycheck at stake and to focus on what your situation truly requires.

Is The Door Old And Inefficient?

Older garage doors typically have no insulation. This is fine for a detached garage that isn't under climate control, but if it's attached to your house, the old door is costing you money due to its inefficiency. We’ve dove into this topic—how insulated garage doors can save you money—in our residential garage door installation blog.

Replacing that door with a new, insulated one is a good idea even if repairing it would be cheap, because you'll make up the investment through lower power bills.

Is The Damage Minor?

If the damage is minor and won't cost much to repair, it's usually best to go ahead and have it fixed. Garage door tracks and even spring replacement don't cost all that much on their own – it's when a door is old enough to have multiple problems that replacement becomes the better bet.

Is The Existing Door Fairly New?

Newer doors are insulated, and as long as they haven't been dented or otherwise obviously damaged, they look great. These doors also have all of the modern safety features, such as sensors that stop them from closing should a person wander underneath. Having a fairly new door fixed makes sense, because a new one won't be a significant improvement—unless, of course, it outperforms your current garage door in some significant way.

Do you Want More Out of Your Garage Space?

Garages can be more than spaces to store vehicles and junk that you don’t want to think about. With the right garage door or high-tech garage door opener, they can become anything from an additional room in your house to a high-security vault that holds what you deem most dear.

For instance, a highly-insulated garage door from Clopay kept a user’s space 53 degrees fahrenheit warmer than the outside’s -7 degrees, according to the brand’s official website; this temperature stability means that the garage space becomes comfortable even in the colder months, which opens up the possibility for hobby spaces, temperature-controlled storage, and more. In addition, high-tech garage door openers and other technology from Liftmaster enables remote access and additional security features, so you can rest easy storing valuables in your garage.

If you need the security or additional space a garage can provide, replacing the door, opener, or other parts with new tech can be just the ticket. You’ll revolutionize a space you once thought had only a singular purpose and truly get the most out of your home.

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