When a garage door opener stops working out of the blue, the solution to the problem can usually be something incredibly simple to solve. Since many garage door owners have similar problems that can easily be solved without a service call, we're going to explain likely repairs for such instances. However, if our advice isn't correcting your issue, it's possible that you'll need to contact a professional.

Here's a look at the solutions to common garage door problems!

The Wall Switch And Remote Aren't Opening The Door

If you find yourself in a situation where both the wall switch and the remote control aren't opening the garage door, there could be a few solutions to the problem. First, check if your garage door opener is unplugged. From here, make sure all cords are plugged in correctly. If that’s a dead end, see if the GFCI, fuse, or circuit breaker has burned out or has been tripped.

If you're having other electrical problems in your garage, this likely could be the reason your garage door isn’t opening. Reset your GFCI or breaker if you have one, or replace the fuse that may have burned out. If this is a regular problem with your garage door, though, it’s best to contact a pro.

Door Won't Work With Keypad Or Remote

First, get closer to the door. It's possible you may be out of range. Also, make sure the antenna isn't damaged or hanging downward.

If your garage door operates fine with its wall switch—if just the remote is the problem, in other words—the issue could rest with the batteries. Finally, you can try reprogramming the keypad or remote control. If you don't know how to go about that, you may need to consult a professional.

Door Won't Close Completely

If your garage door won't close completely, there are a few ways you can address the issue. Try adjusting the close limit switch to make sure the door closes all the way. This switch exists to prevent injury should a person wander under the garage door, as The Spruce explains. Generally, you’ll need to adjust this switch via a screw in small amounts, then test the garage door to see if the issue is resolved.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, see if your tracking sensors—your photosensors, in other terms—need realignment. You’ll know this is the case if they’re damaged, or if a string tied between the two comes up uneven, as per a leveling tool.

If you don't feel comfortable correcting such issues, consult a professional. Doing so can prevent you from spending thousands should you make an error.

My Door Is Frozen Shut

Yes, we file frozen garage doors under the “common problems” category—we live in Minnesota, after all! Hence why we’ve written an entire garage door company blog on how to fight back the frost and get your garage door installation working again. There, we discuss causes and what lead up to this problem, but right now you need solutions, and fast!

One of the most obvious is to shovel. If the issue is the sheer weight of the snow keeping your garage door down, a bit of grunt work should free things up. However, if it’s ice that has your door stuck to your driveway, you may need chemical de-icers to aid in your efforts. Chipping away at the residue with a shovel or similar tool can also help if it’s too cold for these substances to have any effect.

My Garage Door Is Noisy

Your garage door opener—and all the other parts of your garage door installation—should run relatively silently. When they don’t, there’s an issue. It’s the type of noise that your garage door makes that will determine your next course of action.

If it’s the squeaking and squealing of something that sounds poorly lubricated, then the solution is just that—lubricant! Every garage door repair pro has their own opinions on what type is best, but we’ve covered all the facts in our garage door company blog on the subject. A word of irrefutable advice, though: keep WD-40 away from your garage door! It actually strips away lubricants and can make the issue worse.

If you hear a loud bang come from your garage door, followed by ominous silence, it’s usually the type of issue that requires professional help. Broken garage door springs, snapped garage door cables, and more can all result in this sort of sound, but regardless of the cause, it’s typically a dangerous issue to fix, so don’t play around—get a pro on the scene ASAP.

Door Power: For When the Problem Isn’t an Easy Fix

Considering the information above, there are plenty of ways you can make easy fixes to your garage door. However, some issues require professional consultation to provide a positive resolution. Thankfully, Door Power is here to tackle such issues so you can get your garage door back on track (literally if need be!) and restore order to your day-to-day life.

We’ve been in the business since 1967, so there's nothing we haven’t seen and no problem too big for us to fix. Contact our Norwood office today at 952-467-3199 for speedy and stress free garage door repair!