Remodeling projects and upgrades add value to a home. When considering what upgrades to make to your property, you should consider which components add the highest market value. Several features deliver a strong return on investment (ROI), but few deliver as high of a rate of investment as garage doors. At Door Power, we install garage doors that will bring you the highest possible ROI in the Twin Cities Metro area.


Top ROI Home Purchases for 2018

There is a long list of existing ROI projects which show you how to upgrade your home. Over the last few years, the same types of projects have ranked in similar ROI percentiles. Garage doors consistently top the list year after year. Consider the following home components:


●        Garage Door Replacement = 85% ROI

●        Entry Door Replacement = 78% ROI

●        Vinyl Window Replacement = 74% ROI

●        Wooden Window Replacement = 73% ROI

●        Grand Entrance = 70% ROI


Garage Doors and Curb Appeal

Time and again exterior upgrades such as garage doors rank the highest in ROI when compared to interior upgrades. Not everyone sees the inside of your house, but everyone can see the outside. It makes an indelible first impression on your guests and neighbors. Residential garage door installation greatly enhances your home’s curb appeal. Could you have a better excuse to revamp the front yard besides pocketing more money than you spend on a beautiful new garage door?


Transform the Look of Your Home

Having curb appeal is fantastic, but upgrading the entire look of your home is key when you choose a garage door. Transform your home from basic to beautiful by adding a brand new door to your garage. With these options, you can boost your ROI:


Create Balance. Balance the exterior of your home by choosing a garage door that matches your style, designs, and color tones.


Add Contrast. Pick a garage door that stands out. Match your garage door to the features you like and blend it in smoothly with others. Complementary colors are the secret to making your garage door one of the leading features.


Restore Original Beauty. Someone chose your home’s original garage door for a reason. Remind the neighborhood of that reason by retouching your door and getting any necessary garage door repairs you may need.


Door Power Brings ROI to Norwood, Minnesota Homes

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