Having your garage door professionally insulated makes having a garage much more convenient. Your garage is a place you may not spend the most time in, but it is still considered to be one of the most important spaces you have at home. Door Power can help you install a brand new insulated garage door to protect your garage from the weather outside. From the increased temperature inside the garage to the improved toughness of the garage door, here are five benefits of garage door insulation:


1. Saves Energy

An insulated garage will save energy. Despite your garage being separate from the inside of your house, it will contribute to your house's temperature. Your garage is a buffer between your house and the outdoors. Thus, non-insulated garages allow cold weather to slip in through the cracks. Having insulation in your garage prevents this from happening. This will keep not only your garage warm but your house warm as well.


2.  Protects Your Vehicles

When your car is in freezing and sub-zero temperatures, the risk of it having complications drastically increases. Letting your car sit in below-zero temperatures results in lowered air pressure in tires, thickened brake fluid, stress on battery life, and more. Having your garage insulated will have a double-digit increase in the temperature of your garage, which will be the difference between fluids freezing or not freezing.


3. Personal Convenience

For many people, their garage is the primary entrance and exit they use every single day. When you enter your insulated garage, you will be sheltered and begin to warm up from the freezing temperature outside. When you enter your garage from your house, you will not be shocked by a freezing temperature. Also, you won't have to allow your car to warm up as long as you would if it were left out in sub-zero. This allows you to maximize the convenience of having a garage attached to your home.


4. Noise Reduction

With noise reduction comes privacy. If you leave for work early in the morning, an insulated garage will isolate the noise of your car starting. You will have a lesser chance of awakening everyone inside your house. Garage doors that have insulation will also seem much quieter as the door is raised and lowered. When it comes to your neighbors, an insulated garage will help isolate sound from tools, chatter, and more. This can be very convenient if you have neighbors that are close to your garage.


5.  Tougher Garage Door

A more durable garage door will prevent all kinds of inconveniences. Garage doors experience a lot of stress from family activity, ongoing use, and outside weather. This kind of trauma on a garage door can cause it to not run as smoothly over time. Garage doors that are insulated will have a better time withstanding all kinds of impact.


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