Residential garage door installation can be a rewarding project if you know what you are looking for in a quality door. By investing a little more in a high-end door, you’ll minimize the amount of garage door repair you’ll have to undergo down the road. Below are characteristics you should look for in a garage door so that you can make the best choice possible. When you are ready to install your door, Door Power will be here to help you from start to finish.


If You Buy Wood, Don’t Buy Cheap

Wood doors are attractive, and they have a timeless appeal to northerners in Minnesota. If you’re going to purchase a wood door, you need to prepare to spend some money. Cheap wood doors tend to crack and warp due to their exposure to the elements and how they open and close. We recommend going with Cedar or Redwood. Both have a high endurance to moisture and extreme temperatures.


Extra Insulation

If you’re planning to buy an insulated door, we have found that polyurethane insulation has the highest R-Value (ability to block air and moisture) than any other type of insulation. Look for insulation with an R-Value of R-9 to R-18. It’s the best investment you’ll make if you’re trying to protect everything in your garage.


Sturdy Springs

If you plan to use your garage every day, you’ll need garage door springs that can handle a high rate of activity. On average, most families use their garage doors three times a day. This means that it opens and closes a total of 6 times. If this is the case with your family, we can install coiled torsion springs that can withstand 20,000 cycles (a cycle =  an open and close) within five years. That amount should be plenty of your lifestyle.


Get a Heavy-Duty Garage Door Opener

We’ve gotten used to buying flimsy garage door openers that we have to replace more than is necessary. For just a few bucks more, we suggest that you get a heavy-duty opener. By heavy duty, we mean a dependable car visor clip, buttons that won’t break, and a longer battery life. You don’t have to purchase an opener with a bunch of features. After all, your garage door only has two functions. Sacrifice the features for dependability. You’ll be glad you did.


Contact Door Power for Your Next Installation

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