Garage doors are one of the best purchases you can make for your house. Real estate experts estimate that the average ROI on a residential garage door installation is 87%. This puts it in league with upgraded landscaping, a new roof, and new hardwood floors. With proper maintenance and upgrades, we can help you extend the life of your door over the years. Below are five maintenance and purchasing tips for getting and keeping the perfect garage door for your home.


1. Get Picky About Style

When it comes to garage doors, never skimp on style. Your garage door should cohesively enhance your home exterior. Find a garage door that makes a statement about who you are while staying within the bounds of good taste. If you need help with garage door design, we sit can down with you and show you all the styles available.


2. Insulated and Airtight Doors

An insulated garage contributes to an energy efficient home interior. Therefore, don’t settle for anything less than an insulated garage door. Doors that offer airtight protection will create a thermal barrier to the rest of the garage and reduce humidity and moisture in the area. 


3. It Has to Survive Minnesota Winters

Avoid purchasing garage doors that are not winter-ready. In addition to buying an insulated garage door, you will also want to consider the material it’s made of, how well it holds up in sub-zero temperatures, and if you want glass windows. Buy quality doors from reputable manufacturers. This will cut down on the amount of garage door repair we’ll have to perform later on.


4. Get on a Maintenance Schedule

Door Power offers routine maintenance on all brands and types of garage doors. We recommend that you schedule us at least once a year to perform a complete assessment of the door and all related components. Garage door maintenance will ensure that your door is working safely and correctly.


5. Repair/Replace Garage Door Parts Immediately

If you notice that a garage door component is broken, do not hesitate to call us. We can give your garage door a spring replacement, cable replacement or repair a door track, opener, or any garage door safety features. If you delay getting a part fixed, you’ll create a safety hazard in the area.

Residential Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis

If you live in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, contact Door Power today for residential garage door installation and repair. Our certified contractors can perform any installation or repair a wide range of door types and brands. We offer reliable work, friendly services, and affordable rates that stay within your budget. To schedule an inspection or a repair, call us at 952-467-3199, or message us at