Between storms, vehicles, visitors, and accidents, garage doors take a beating. Often, small dents can become warped metal. Eventually, warped metal tears. It’s possible to repair a garage door with do-it-yourself methods, but we definitely suggest contacting a professional. Whether you’re in need of residential garage door installation, garage door repair, or long-term maintenance, an expert’s handiwork is more reliable.


If you’re concerned about the condition of your garage door, contact a Door Power professional before it’s too late. Each Door Power technician specializes in garage door repair, and we can resolve the issue quickly and correctly. To determine whether a metal tear is “bad” enough, use the following guide:


Step One: Check for More Distortions

Even if you’re looking at a finger-sized rip, you should still check for distorted metal. Feel around the area, and look for rippled material. If you’re going the DIY route, support the area with some heavy timber. Use a small hammer to iron out the seams. If the entire area is warped, however, contact a professional. Usually, tears will occur quickly after the metal becomes warped.


Step Two: Are Wind and Rain Entering?

AC loss is a hefty expense, and so is mold growth. If you’re facing unwanted showers inside the garage, don’t hesitate to address the issue. Call a repair person. Moisture accumulates over time, resulting in mold growth. Even if you’re facing wind problems, you might be allowing unwanted humidity into your home.


Step Three: Are the Edges Large?

Any cut metal edge longer than a centimeter should be remedied by professionals. Warped metal is dangerous, and installed sheet metal might not solve the problem. Damaged areas are dangerous to kids, pets, and even adults. Installing sheet metal over the area may remedy the problem temporarily, but it can cause more damage in the long run.


If you need to repair a torn garage door immediately, you’ll need some of the above-mentioned sheet metal. Lay it atop the damaged area, and apply caulk between the door’s surface and the patch. Then, apply pop-rivets. While this solution can provide immediate defense, we don’t recommend using it as a long-term solution.


Contact a Garage Door Plus professional today, and browse our repair options. If you’re facing more than general repair, consider taking advantage of our spring replacement, cable replacement, and garage door opener repair options. We’re here to help, and we’re outfitted with the tools needed to assure long-lasting solutions.