Garage door repairs aren’t too complicated, but they can be dangerous. Your door’s springs have high tension, and the rails need to be checked repeatedly. If you’re dealing with faulty seals, you’ll need a professional’s touch to assure complete repair. Here at Door Power, we love helping our Minnesota homeowners. Before turning to do-it-yourself methods, consider calling our team to handle the following:

Spring Replacement

Garage door springs balance a door’s weight, making it open and close easily. They also act as a counterweight, giving a door balance as it’s pulled upward. Springs which stretch or provide a particular amount of torque are needed to ensure a door’s sustainability and effectiveness. Unfortunately, springs are incredibly tight. Removing them yourself can be dangerous, and we suggest letting a professional step in.

Seal Replacement

Top and side seals block out moisture, reducing mold growth. Plus, they keep bad weather out. Sometimes, these seals wear out. If they do, you might face door jamb issues. It’s a good idea to discuss seal replacement with your provider, as installing PVC to stop molding is a surface-level solution.

Bracket Replacement

Your garage door’s brackets, meanwhile, make sure your door’s top section is fully maneuverable. These brackets can wear down and become rusted. A faulty bracket is incredibly dangerous, as it can result in a collapsing garage door. To make sure your door’s brackets are entirely efficient, make sure they undergo yearly inspection.

Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers use circuit boards to operate efficiently. Replacing a circuit board for popular brands can be done, but it shouldn’t be done alone. Because a garage door opener is essential to your garage’s privacy and security, handling a circuit board alone can put your home at risk. Fortunately, garage door repair professionals understand the ins and out of circuit board repair.

Chain Drive Opener Gear Replacement

Openers which use sprockets and chains deserve check-ups, too. Handling these yourself can prove to be dangerous nonetheless. A professional garage door repair-person can handle gears on popular openers, like Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Sears. They can also make sure any chain driver’s gear replacement is a long-lasting solution.

Contact Door Power today with any questions. Also, understand the many inconveniences and frustrations associated with being unable to access your garage. Available seven days a week, Door Power is your one-stop-shop for any garage door repair. Let us service your garage door in the same day, and make sure your home is protected from the inside out.