Your automatic garage door is a huge convenience for you each day. It saves you the time and hassle of having to get out of your vehicle every time you want to leave or enter your garage. As convenient as it is, there are some safety features that you should know about to ensure the longevity of your garage door.

  1. Keep the Garage Door Opener Controls Away From Children
    Small children shouldn’t be allowed to play with either the garage door remote control that you keep in your car to activate the garage door or the control button in the garage. The continuous pressing of the button can wear on the controls over time.

  2. Make a Monthly Visual Inspection
    Every month, you should make a visual inspection of the pulleys, rollers, springs, and cables that make up your garage door. Be on the lookout for broken items or things that don't seem to look as they should. Don't attempt to fix or adjust anything on your own as all of these components are under a great deal of tension. You could get hurt if you do so. Instead, contact a professional garage door repair service.

  3. Test Your Garage Door Monthly
    At the same time that you are inspecting your garage door, get into the habit of also testing its reversing mechanism. Place a roll of paper towels or a stout board beneath it and watch to be sure that the door reverses upon contact. If it does not do so, call a professional garage door company right away for service.

  4. Update Your Garage Door
    Even if your garage door seems to be working perfectly, if it is older than a model made in 1993, you should strongly consider getting it replaced. Not only have there been significant upgrades in technology since then, there are also key safety features that are built into newer garage doors.

  5. Don't Leave the Garage Door Open Partly
    It can be tempting to leave the garage door open part of the way when you need some ventilation or if you are relaxing and need some protection from the sun. Doing so can be hazardous as the door can travel in a downward motion unexpectedly when you activate it again. This can cause injury to anything in its path.

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