Although many homeowners don't spend much time thinking about their garage doors when something goes wrong, and it doesn't work properly, you realize that similar to other aspects of your home; the garage door needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Assuming there is no obvious physical damage to the door, the motor is the part people think to check if the door isn't working properly. However, there are also springs, cables, chains, and rails which can wear out over time or become out of alignment.

Springs: How They Work

Springs work instead of counterweights to help balance out the weight of the door so a lighter motor can lift it. If the springs come out of adjustment, they won't provide the proper tension to lift the door, and on occasion, they can break. They don't typically require much maintenance, but they do need to be oiled periodically, which is best left to a professional, so they don't get over oiled or too greasy.

Cables: Performance and Function

One problem misaligned springs can cause for a cable or chain to snap. If the door is inspected and properly maintained, the cables will generally last a lifetime. Although, sometimes they can get a nick or damage which the owner is unaware of which can then cause them to break at some point in the future. Fortunately, the system was designed knowing they may need to be replaced, so the replacement process is a fairly straightforward job to conduct. Again, it’s important to remember this should be conducted by a garage door specialist to assure the right gauge is used, and tensions are properly adjusted to increase your garage doors daily function.

Rails: Alignment and Continued Usage

Rails, like the other components of the garage door system, are designed to be tough and sturdy when subjected to the ordinary use expected of a garage door. However, they can also come out of alignment as everything has a breaking point. Whether heavy winds constantly rattle the door over the years, a car taps the door, or even children playing in the driveway and bumping against it, can over time lead the rails to come out of proper alignment. When such a thing happens, they need to be readjusted to allow them to properly guide the door up their tracks as it was designed and intended to work.

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