Typically, a homeowner buys a house and doesn't put much thought into the garage door. As long as it goes up and down as needed and generally matches the style of the house, it seems as if there is little else to think about. However, garage doors can add style and function to the home through the use of different designs and features.

New Garage Door, New House

An older home may obviously need a new garage door because of damage or wear over time, and the purchaser would consider such an aspect of the house when making an offer. With a new house, the contractor who built the house likely only installed a generic door with meets the basic needs of the garage. You may want to replace the door with one that has windows for light, or you might decide you prefer a different contour for the rails, stiles, and panels. There are also different materials to choose from, whether traditional wood, metal, or vinyl, and each provides their own benefits.

Maintenance Over Time

Even if you are happy with the current garage door style, it will need maintenance over time. Motors can burn out, springs and chains break, and the rails can come out of alignment. If the door starts making too much noise, or simply doesn't seem to be raising or lowering properly, it's a good idea to go ahead and have repairs conducted before it gets worse and stops working altogether at which point the repairs are likely to be more expensive or a complete replacement might be needed.


Other than the actual door style, the most common upgrade is to add additional points from which you can open or close the door. A numbered keypad outside of the door is a nice feature because it allows you to close it from outside and prevents you from getting locked out of your house. It also comes in handy if you need to allow friends or workers temporary access to your house as you can reprogram it with a number for them to use.

If you need repairs and service, upgrades, or a new garage door be sure to contact the specialist garage door contractor Door Power in the Minneapolis metro area, we'll be happy to meet with you at your convenience and discuss the available options for your home.