When it comes to exterior renovations, garage doors aren’t usually the first thing on any homeowner’s mind. They’re usually focused more on things they might hire an exterior contractor for – siding and roofing, for example – that they may feel either provide more practical or stylistic value.

“Why opt for garage door replacement with all the types of siding and roofing available to me? Certainly that’d protect my home better. Plus, there are so many more options to choose from!”

While we here at Door Power value the services of talented exterior contractors, we’re here to help you rethink your idea of a renovation. Replacing your garage door can do quite a bit for you and your home in a variety of respects. Under the right circumstances, it can even be the best exterior change you ever make!

Garage door repair is often successful, but sometimes it’s better – or completely necessary – to opt for replacement. Below, we’ll detail all the benefits such a process can bring, demonstrating just how influential a brand new garage door can be.

New Garage Door Installation Bumps Up Your Curb Appeal

Face it: Your garage door takes up room. A lot of it. And that’s a good thing! A proportionally small one would make it quite hard to get into your garage, after all.

However, the fact that your garage door takes up a lot of room also means it has a certain knack for drawing the eye. Couple that with the fact that it’s often a different color and material from your siding and roof and that large vehicles are frequently parked in front of it and your garage door becomes a downright spotlight stealer.

This can be a good thing with an impressive new garage door from Door Power. Curb appeal certainly is nothing to sneeze at, when selling a home or otherwise. Your house is a matter of personal pride; Nobody likes to come home from work to a home in shambles. Living in a well-kept space makes you feel good. When it comes to putting your home on the market, too, curb appeal plays a huge role in your selling success. Ask any realtor and they’ll tell you that first impressions matter, and how your home looks on the outside is definitely a factor that potential buyers consider.

Because garage doors are such eye-catching parts of a building’s exterior, their relation to curb appeal (or lack thereof) cannot be overemphasized. With a garage door installation from Door Power that fits your style, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood and wow homeseekers everywhere in one fell swoop. Talk about pulling double duty!

New Garage Door Installation Can Make Living More Comfortable

An uncomfortable home is no sort of home at all. Your living space should be a place where you can take a break from your hectic schedule and the chaos of the outside world, not add to it! Unfortunately, ancient garage doors that are beyond garage door repair can make your home a real headache, and give you a literal one while they’re at it.

Enjoy a More Peaceful Home

Clunky garage doors disrupt peace and quiet. You don’t just deserve peace and quiet when you’re sleeping; Relaxing moments while awake are important, too. Whether you’re enjoying a warm cup of chamomile, listening to a podcast, or just chatting with a loved one, you should be able to savor the sort of calm it brings, not cringe as your old garage door ruins the moment with its racket.

Sleep Better

Clunky garage doors can disrupt your well-deserved rest. A good night’s sleep is essential for, well, achieving anything come the next day. Loud garage doors are notoriously disruptive, snapping a nice nap or sound slumber in two and leaving you half-awake and irritated.

Clunky garage doors disturb your kids’ rest, too! It’s not just your peace an old garage door in need of replacement disturbs; Your kids can be robbed of relaxation, too. A too-old garage door takes away their calm place to relax, recoup, and concentrate on their homework, not to mention stealing their solid night’s rest.

Like we said, garage door repair has its place, especially if the noise concern is due to a garage door cable issue or problems with your garage door spring. However, some new garage door models have been specifically designed with noise reduction in mind, making them a great fit for families who crave peace and quiet, or those who know they deserve a comfortable place to call home – which is everyone, of course!

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