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How to Protect Your Garage Door From Hackers

That’s right: Your garage door can be hacked. Your home is more vulnerable than you think, and today’s thieves are cracking open garages in a digital realm. You might be vulnerable, but you have options. As today’s technology is improving, so are your tools to fight back. Being vigilant helps, but it won't provide long-term security. If you want to keep your garage safe, you’ll need to rely on a trusted provider. Door Power is here to help, and our garage solutions guarantee year-round protection.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Repair Your Old Garage Door Opener

Your garage door might be safe in your car, but it’s taking damage over time. Electronics age, and homeowners often find themselves with dysfunctional—or, worse, unfunctional—garage door remotes. Every so often, you should check your door openers for bugs and quirks. If any electrical problems get out of hand, they can easily become long-lasting problems. Below are the main reasons you should get a check-up, or even a replacement.

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