That’s right: Your garage door can be hacked. Your home is more vulnerable than you think, and today’s thieves are cracking open garages in a digital realm. You might be vulnerable, but you have options. As today’s technology is improving, so are your tools to fight back. Being vigilant helps, but it won't provide long-term security. If you want to keep your garage safe, you’ll need to rely on a trusted provider. Door Power is here to help, and our garage solutions guarantee year-round protection. 

How Can Door Power Protect Your Garage?

A thief's garage hacked targets "fixed code" systems. These systems are used in old garage doors. Typically, any garage door made over ten years ago will use a fixed code system. For this reason, it’s a good idea to update your garage’s remote system as soon as possible.

Door Power garage controls use rolling code systems. These systems can’t be searched by potential hackers, and their constant code cycling is a digital lock against all intruders.

Expert Technicians

Door Power garage installations are conducted by expert technicians. From the ground up, your garage is defended by the industry’s finest. Each Door Power technician is highly trained, and each has mastered the art of garage door installations. Before every installation, a garage is inspected for possible weaknesses. Then, subcontractors expertly neutralize them.

Emergency Repair and Replacement

Don’t wait for a hacker to come knocking on your digital doors. Garage door openers can become outdated, and it’s your responsibility to make sure yours isn’t. Door Power technicians are available for immediate services. We’ve been in the industry for years, and we understand the importance of immediate services. Your old garage door may be easily manipulated. Door Power products, however, can fortify your home for the long haul.

If you’re worried about residential garage door hackers, contact Door Power today. In any event, you should keep an eye on your front yard. Install a security camera system, and make sure you’re able to watch your garage area with care. Even if you’re at risk of digital attacks, you can still ward off perpetrators. Door Power technicians follow a code of integrity, and they’re always ready to strengthen your home’s most valuable area.