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Should you Renovate Your Garage Door to Sell?

Right now, the real estate market is hot, so it’s no wonder you’re looking to sell! Getting a hold of  your dream home in time for the new year is quite a sweet proposition, too. That being said, your home won’t catch a buyer’s eye if it doesn’t stand out, especially now, when it seems more people than ever are looking to move. You may therefore be considering upgrading your home to glean more money from the sale and to move out faster—but what’s the right renovation for you?

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Curb Appeal: What it Is and How Your Garage Door Affects it

Curb appeal: It’s a term used in a variety of fields, from real estate to exterior renovation. Though it’s quite commonly used, understanding it on a deeper level requires a bit of investigation. What is it in the first place? How does it affect everything from selling your home to the customer-drawing prowess of a business? And finally, of course, how does your garage door play into it?

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