Right now, the real estate market is hot, so it’s no wonder you’re looking to sell! Getting a hold of  your dream home in time for the new year is quite a sweet proposition, too. That being said, your home won’t catch a buyer’s eye if it doesn’t stand out, especially now, when it seems more people than ever are looking to move. You may therefore be considering upgrading your home to glean more money from the sale and to move out faster—but what’s the right renovation for you?

At Door Power, as garage door professionals, we know that the right garage door can, in many cases, be a huge asset to the homeowner looking to sell. We’re here to help you decide if an upgrade in this respect might be right for you; read on for our top considerations and advice.

Garage Doors Tend to Have a High ROI

It’s a general rule that you won’t recoup the full cost of an upgrade when you put your home on the market. This isn’t just a thing with garage doors, but with a variety of home renovations. Much of the benefit instead lies in making your home stand out in a competitive demographic and cutting back on the stress of a prolonged stint on the market. How much money you gain back upon selling depends upon local trends and the quality of the investment itself.

That being said, that doesn’t mean investments are useless—far from it! Many buyers won’t even look at a home if it doesn’t have certain functionalities, and flashier features can help entice them into a higher selling price. You just need to be careful with what you have done.

Incidentally, when it comes to household renovations that give a high ROI, garage door installations are in. According to a This Old House article from Spring 2021, “When, after decades of service, a garage door stops working well—or looking good—you can take comfort in the fact that a new one is among the best investments you can make, allowing you to recoup nearly 95 percent of the cost when you sell.” This means that you could gain back nearly the entirety of what you put into the door, on top of the potential for a quicker sale and less stress. Talk about a worthwhile investment!

What’s Your Selling Point?

Though a garage door is nearly always a smart investment from a ROI standpoint, not just any garage door will help maximize the selling potential of your home. There is a right and wrong pick for everyone. A more expensive garage door model will last your buyers longer, sure, but will it increase the selling price of your home so much that they may be turned off by it? It’s a complicated decision to tango with.

That’s why the help of a realtor is essential, and so is the help of a residential garage door installation pro. While your realtor will give you solid advice regarding the financial side of things, your garage door pro can help select a model that tends to be in vogue for your given price point and region. For example, in some scenarios, it might not make financial sense to put carriage house doors on a starter home, as the buyer here prioritizes affordability—a traditional and economical overhead door might instead fit the bill.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Pro?

If this is part of your to-sell garage door installation considerations, let us help you out: never attempt any sort of garage door repair or replacement, under any circumstances! Though professional help might mean more money spent out of pocket, it also means less stress and more safety, both of which we’ll elaborate on below.

Safety First

No matter if your renovations involve garage door repair or replacement, you’ll always be dealing with a powerful machine that’s designed to lift hundreds of pounds on a daily and repeated basis—and this means a lot of tension and strength that can snap or backfire in the wrong hands. Replacing garage door cables, for example, could mean the potential for your old pair snapping, and messing with your garage door spring can lead to similar disasters. The last thing you need when selling your home—at any time, really—is an unexpected trip to the hospital. Play it safe if you choose to renovate and get the help of a garage door company

 Stress Less

Contingencies, underwriters, realtors, open houses… the list of stressful things that come with selling a home is extensive. You’ve got enough on your plate; you don’t need garage door repair or installation to add to it. Professional help ensures that the process is quick, easy, seamless and painless, allowing you to bring your all when it comes to getting your home sold.

Door Power: Frequent Same Day Service That’s Stress-Free to Boot

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