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Typical Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors tend to take a lot of abuse as one side is part of your home's exterior, subject to the outdoor weather conditions, and the other side isn't exactly a finished interior room but rather tends to smell like car exhaust, dirty pets, and your child's athletic gear. The door is opened and closed multiple times every day and isn't generally treated very gently. All of these circumstances are fine, the door is designed for such use, but it does lead to an ongoing need for maintenance and repair.

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Five Garage Security Apps You Need

Criminals are getting smarter, but apps are, too. Want to defend the home front with a finger-swipe? You’re in. Want to micromanage your car area before garage door repair is needed? You’ve got it. Want unprecedented control over the modern household’s most vulnerable area? Well, you needn’t look far to take control of the five big-hitting home security apps below.

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