Criminals are getting smarter, but apps are, too. Want to defend the home front with a finger-swipe? You’re in. Want to micromanage your car area before garage door repair is needed? You’ve got it. Want unprecedented control over the modern household’s most vulnerable area? Well, you needn’t look far to take control of the five big-hitting home security apps below.


Residential garage door installation can be a grind, but following up with a few mobile app installations can make all the difference. Check out today’s leading household security apps, and make your garage a safer, friendlier place.




Click-to-control garage openers are overrated. For this reason, homeowners are opting for GarageMate’s total control. Its password-protected design ensures entry via personalized passcode, so you’ll never need to worry about remote thieves. Even if your smartphone is stolen or lost, GarageMate ensures high-end security via dedicated receiver—so you’re never left high and dry.


This free mobile app is accessible alongside a full-fledged security website. View your garage area with a single iPhone button tap, and activate alarms from a distance. If you want more control, hook into your entire home’s security network. It’s incredibly adaptable, making it a common follow-up to commercial garage door installation jobs.




Want to go smaller? iSenty power-packs the security cam essentials into a simple household notification center. If you have a webcam, you can connect iSentry seamlessly to your mobile device. Take screenshots when you need them, track motion and create a live feed instantly. Don’t purchase expensive cameras. Instead, use iSentry alongside a wide-spread digital camera to collect, protect and secure your garage area.




While you’re signing up for cable replacement and spring replacement, consider making your garage hardware setup a little more high-tech. NiOGarage complements updated hardware with a smooth, real-time opening command center. It can retro-fit to your preexisting garage door opener, too, so you needn’t purchase an entirely new setup to get NiOGarage working. Accessible via website, NiOGarage ensures security without locking down all access points. It’s installable via wireless router, too, which is a plus.




Finally, you should stock up on your cloud-based security. Sometimes, information gets lost. iVideon circumnavigates this caveat with an intensive, all-purpose cloud storage system. While you will need to invest in your own cameras, iVideon is invaluable to garage security. It’s adaptable, easily installable and is constantly updated to match cloud storage industry standards.


If you want total defense, you’ll need to acquire total coverage. Take advantage of the apps above, and safeguard your garage for years to come.