From warehouses and retail stores to auto repair shops and storage facilities, commercial garage doors serve a vital purpose in a wide range of business settings. As such, it’s important to carefully consider the needs of the business — yours included — to select a garage door that serves the business in the most efficient manner possible.


At Door Power, we’ve been performing commercial garage door installation and repair for over 50 years. In that time, we’ve collected a variety of important garage door considerations commercial property owners should know. To help you make an informed decision on your next commercial garage door purchase, we’ve listed those considerations below.


What Style of Door Will Best Serve the Business?

The amount of available overhead space, frequency of projected use, potential business-related hazards, and variety of other factors determine the most appropriate style of door for the business. To serve a variety of needs, commercial garage doors generally come in the following four styles:


●        Sectional doors. Highly durable and cost efficient, sectional doors provide superior thermal efficiency, but they also require significant overhead space.

●        Roll-up doors. These doors are ideal for warehouses and distribution centers due to their heavy-duty construction and incredible longevity. Unlike other doors, they don’t require a connection to a ceiling or roof and can sustain very frequent use over lengthy periods.

●        Security grilles. Ideal for large shopping centers, security grills offer superior protection from theft and debris intrusion while offering flexibility in terms of design. They’re designed for rapid deployment and easy operation, making them a perfect choice for increased property protection.

●        Fire doors. These garage doors are fire and noise resistant, offering unsurpassed protection for a variety of fire-prone buildings, including warehouses, mills, and even parking garages. Fire doors are extremely durable and long lasting and are also equipped with an automatic closing mechanism that kicks into action upon fire detection.


Once you know what your door options are, it’s time to consider your business’s needs so you can select the most appropriate one. What do you need to know to make the right choice? Let’s take a look.


How Much Traffic Does the Business See?

How often will you need to operate the garage door? For high-traffic facilities, sectional garage doors are typically suitable. Even with high-frequency operation, opting for a heavy-duty material such as steel will ensure superior durability and long life. If your business doesn’t see a ton of traffic and you don’t plan to use the door more than a few times a day, a sectional door constructed from a lighter material such as aluminum is usually a suitable choice.


Are There Significant Fire Hazards on the Property?

If your building houses commercial machinery, hazardous materials, open flame, or microparticles that can rapidly catch fire, opting for fireproof commercial garage door installation is a no-brainer.


Does the Property Require Heightened Security?

Commercial garage doors can come equipped with a variety of security features and you can customize the door according to your needs. Indoor and outdoor locks, open code scramblers, automatic deadlocks, and preprogrammed closing mechanisms can provide superior protection for facilities that have a high risk of theft or vandalism.


Do You Care About Thermal Efficiency?

If you want to improve your facility’s thermal regulation and energy efficiency, you’ll want to consider selecting a door with adequate insulation. Certain materials naturally boast higher R-values than others, but depending on the type of door, you may be able to add custom insulation.


Not sure which materials are best suited to your facility? At Door Power, our commercial garage door installation specialists are always ready to help you select the most appropriate materials and style of door to best meet your business’s needs.


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