Garage door springs are some of the most essential parts of the doors. They make it so the doors lift easily, and without them, some doors couldn't be lifted at all. When it's time to close the door, the springs work to keep it from slamming down. Needless to say, if the springs are failing, the garage door is hard to open or close.

Signs of Garage Door Spring Failure

Typically, the spring will give some warning signs before breaking. Such hallmarks of impending failure include:

●        The garage door seems heavier than usual

●        The door comes down too fast

●        An automatic motor starts to have trouble moving the door

While it is possible for a few things to cause these issues, they are typically caused by the spring or springs stretching out too much. When overly stretched, the spring no longer provides the amount of tension required, and this makes the door hard to move. Over time, the difficulty increases. Eventually, the door either becomes immobile or the spring breaks. It’s important to replace the spring before it reaches total failure so that the door doesn't get stuck in an inconvenient position.

Why You Should Always Hire a Pro for This Repair

Garage door springs are under extremely high tension. Because of this, even a stretched spring is capable of causing injury. The new spring is even more dangerous. It has its full tensile strength, and it must be pulled into total tension in order to be installed. If it slips or snaps during this process, it can whip back into your face or body and cause serious injury.

Because of this, it is important to always hire a professional for garage door spring replacement. The pro has the experience needed to avoid dangerous mistakes, and also has all of the tools required to maintain the proper control over the spring.

If you need a new garage door spring, don't risk injury—call us here at Door Power in Chanhassen, MN. Our spring replacement service will have your door working again quickly, and you can rest assured that the procedure will be done safely as well.