If your teenager, who is just learning how to drive, accidentally backs the car into the garage door, it obviously would need repair. However, how do you decide if a garage door needs repair or replacement under otherwise normal circumstances?

Here are some signs that your garage door needs repair:

  • Creakiness and Squeakiness: When you run your garage up and down does it sound like you are running your fingernails across a blackboard? Do neighbors complain when you come home late at night and your garage door makes a terrible screech? These are clear signs that it is time for garage door maintenance. In fact, if there are any unusual, creaky sounds, it is best to lubricate the door and perform routine maintenance to replace any broken parts, before the problem gets worst. You may need, new rollers, spring replacement, or cable replacement to solve the problem.
  • Warped: If your garage door is warping, it needs repair. When opening, warping may cause the door to go up in starts and stops. It may lift too quickly on one side in a way that is not level with the other side of the door. A badly warped door can break into many pieces if forced against the warp to move up and down.
  • Uncooperative: You garage door should immediately respond to the use of the remote. Sometimes a door refuses to operate when pressing the button on the remote. In this case, there could be a problem with either the remote control device, the motor, the power connections, or the receiver on the door-opener mechanism.

If you are experiencing any of these things or some combination of them, give us a call at 952-467-3199 or use our request form to get an appointment for us to come out to your home and give you a free estimate for making the repairs. We will also help with an assessment of the old door and explain if appropriate, the benefits of replacing the garage door with a brand-new one instead of making repairs.

Good Reasons to Replace a Garage Door

Some of the best reasons to replace a garage door instead of repairing an old one are:

  • The home is also being renovated with new windows and siding.
  •  A new garage door increases curb appeal when selling a home and that helps improve the resale value.
  • An energy-efficient garage door installation can reduce the utility bills to cool or heat the home
  • New garage doors usually have lower maintenance when compared to older styles.
  • Security is a big issue with homeowners. Advanced security measures include stronger garage doors.

If you are considering a new garage door, call 952-467-3199 to get a free estimate for residential garage door replacement.