Troubleshooting garage door problems can be challenging at best. You should leave this type of work to a garage door professional. Door Power has experienced technicians that can identify the causes of a jammed garage door and fix the problems right away. Below are five possible reasons we look for and why these problems occur. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We’ve got solutions!

●       The Wheel Could be Off the Track

The metal track needs to be appropriately aligned for your door to open and close. If you observe gaps between the rollers and rail or bends in the rails, these conditions are hindering the door from closing or opening. The weight of the door can magnify these issues and make them worse until it becomes impossible to open or close the door. We’ll need to realign the door for you.

●       The Garage Door Transmitter Signal Is Weak

If your garage door transmitter is just out of range, you may be getting partial signals. It’s the equivalent of having a power cord with a short in it. Sometimes there’s a signal; sometimes there’s not. Therefore, if you’re trying to open or close the door, it may stop at a certain point. We’ll need to inspect the transmitter to see if it’s out of range or if it's blocking the signal.

●       Something Is Blocking The Sensors

If your garage doors won’t close all the way, it could be that something is blocking the sensors. When an object gets in the way of the sensors, your door will tell you by auto-reversing. If the blockage is due to a previous installation or a component out of place, we can reconfigure the system and remove the obstruction.

●       The Torsion Springs May be Damaged

If you’re sure the sensors and transmitter are working, the problem could a broken torsion spring. You may need a garage door spring replacement. When a torsion spring breaks, it makes a loud popping noise that sounds like a firecracker. The garage door opener will have a difficult time closing or opening the door without the springs (although, it’s possible). We can perform a spring replacement to get your door working once again.


Professional Garage Door Repair & Replacement in Minnesota

Whatever is wrong with your garage door, you can depend on the professionals from Door Power to fix your garage door and restore back to top working condition. We offer garage door repair and installation services, spring and cable replacement, and safety feature additions.


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