2019 is the year you’ll finally get around to upgrading your garage door. Today’s doors come with lots of features and benefits. Door Power can inspect your garage door to determine what maintenance and upgrades you should add. We provide a wide range of services including residential garage door installation and replacement. If you’re ready to revitalize your garage door, we can help you every step of the way. Below are five ways we can upgrade your garage door in 2019.


Current Trends in 2019

Like many other items in home improvement, garage door design is all over the place. No matter what type of house you have or what style you’re going for, you can find a garage door to match. Current trends include:


●        Clean designs with straight lines and darker colors

●        Favorite colors include brown and black.

●        Carriage house and ranch style popular in rural Minnesota

●        “Smart” features available for home automation


Energy-Efficient Garage Doors

You can get garage doors that are energy-efficient and made of sustainable materials. Manufacturers now build doors that carry at the 20-year warranty and need fewer repairs. Newer doors are constructed with materials that can withstand the harsh Minnesota winters. We also recommend choosing doors that are insulated and seal the garage from the outside elements. With all the eco-friendly products on the market, investing in energy-efficient doors is easier than ever.


High-Tech Features

Garage doors have a come a long way in the last 20 years. The system now includes high-tech features give you full access to your garage door no matter where you are. Products now contain DC motors and LED lights that use less energy while performing better than the older models. If the power goes out, you can install a backup battery into your garage door. Panels are now programmable and can be used anywhere in the house via a wireless unit.


Open Your Garage Door From Your Phone

If you’re tired of losing your garage door opener, we can install a garage door opener that comes complete with an app for your smartphone. Just download the app, connect to the opener, and you’re ready to go. An app comes in handy when you want to let people in the garage while you’re away from home. Apps also offer security features that let you know if someone has opened the garage door.

Professional Residential Garage Door Installation

Make 2019 your year for getting a new garage door. Door Power offers complete residential garage door installation and garage door repair. We can also upgrade your current garage door and add features that you’ll use every day. Our service extends to homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.


To schedule a repair or get a free estimate, call us at 952-467-3199, or message us at Bill@doorpower.com.