When it comes to garage door safety, you can never be too careful with your children. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. When they do, garage doors and other components of your garage door system can cause serious injuries to children. Door Power can add safety features to your garage door to make it safe for your children, pets, family, and friends. Below are some of our tips for keeping your garage door safe for your children.


Routine Garage Door Sensor Testing

Sensors work so well, they hardly ever get noticed. You may not even know where the sensors are on your residential garage door. When sensors fail, the results can be devastating, as nothing will keep the garage door from fully closing. For this reason, you should contact a Door Power technician to perform an inspection of your sensors. We can ensure that they properly work and are fully connected to the system.


Safety Feature Upgrades

There are a wide array of advanced safety features available for garage doors. Many of the features keep the door from closing on young children. Safety features we regularly install include:


Lights. The garage door opener is the primary light source in the garage.


Battery Backup. The backup battery allows you to activate the opener when the power goes out.


Keyless Entry Pad. We can mount a keyless entry pad outside the garage door. If you enter the proper code, the door will open.


Remote Control. We include all remote controls with every door we install. They come with safety features built into the remote.


Wall Controls. Use the wall-mounted control to open and close the door and to turn the light on and off.


Each of these safety features is ideal for keeping your children safe.


Teach Garage Door Safety to Your Children

Children need to be aware of where hazardous areas are around the home and why they're dangerous. Some behaviors you can teach your children while they're around the garage door might include:


●        Stay away from the garage door while it is closing or opening.

●        Do not touch garage door parts.

●        Do not touch the garage door remote.

●        If you see an object underneath the garage door while it is closing, do not reach out to grab it.

●        Keep your pets, toys, and objects away from the garage door.


Door Power Offers Safety Features and Options for Garage Doors

At Door Power, safety is our #1 concern. Therefore, we install safety features on all our products to ensure that doors open and close as they should. We also offer new door installation, garage door repair, and complete garage door replacement for both residential and commercial properties in Norwood, Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area. To find out more about our products and services, call us today at 952-467-3199, or message us at Bill@doorpower.com.