There’s a difference between a garage door that won’t open or close all the way, and one that is completely jammed. When your garage door doesn't move at all, you’ll need to call the experts at Door Power to inspect the problem, as jammed garage doors need to be fixed by a professional. Whatever the issue is, it could lead to costly repairs or a complete garage door replacement if you don’t take care of it right away. To schedule a garage door repair, contact Door Power today. We can find the solution and get your door operating correctly once again.


Something is Lodged in the Garage Door Rail

The first thing we’ll look for is an object that is lodge in the garage door rail. In most cases, the item is small enough not to be noticed. It could be a small stick or even a pebble that is stuck between the rail and a garage door roller. When something gets lodged in the track, it’s difficult to pull out. It will take specialized equipment and an experienced technician to dislodge it and free up your door.


You’ve Neglected Your Garage Door

If you haven’t had your garage door inspected in a while, you’re not alone. Many homeowners in Norwood, Minnesota neglect the door. Garage door maintenance, however, is crucial to keeping your system working correctly year after year. We provide complete garage door maintenance, which includes spring replacement, cable replacement, and realigning the garage door tracks. If there is a problem, we will find it and correct it.


The Springs Need to Be Replaced

Do you have an older garage door? We may need to replace some of the components. One of the most common parts we'll need to replace is the garage door springs. When the springs get old or break the opener may not be able to lift the door. Even if it can, you’ll need we’ll need to undertake a spring replacement so that the opener doesn’t quickly wear out. A spring replacement will add new life to your door and help the opener pull the garage door up so that it can open.


A Roller(s) is Broken

If there are one or more rollers broken, the garage door may not be able to open. Over time rollers can chip, crack, or even fall off the door. When this happens, it could jam the door. It will no longer open or close because it’s having a difficult time staying on the rail. We can find out which rollers are causing the problem and replace them with new nylon rollers.


Residential Garage Door Installation in Norwood, Minnesota

Are you having problems with your old garage door? Contact Door Power in Norwood, Minnesota. We provide comprehensive garage door installation and repair for homeowners in the Twin Cities metro area including Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. We also offer spring replacement, cable replacement, and repair of garage door tracks. To schedule a repair or get a free estimate, call us at 952-467-3199, or message us at