Do you have small children in your home? Like any other area around the house, you need to safeguard your garage door to make it safe for the toddlers. Below are some ways that Door Power can help you childproof your garage door.

Garage Door Auto-Reverse

Modern garage doors are equipped with an auto-reverse feature that keeps the door from closing if something or someone gets in the way. We can inspect your current garage door or implement sensors in key places for your child. The sensors will be placed in low sections of the door frame to pick up on small children.

Garage Door Photo-Eye Sensors

If you have an older garage door made before 1993, we can upgrade it by adding photo-eye sensors. The sensors will monitor any type of movement that goes on below the door and stop or reverse door instantly. These sensors are intelligent enough to capture even the slightest movement and respond accordingly.

Door Locks

Door locks reinforce sensors by prohibiting a door from opening. This way if your young toddler pushes a door opener, it will stay shut no matter what. We can install the door lock on either the outside or the inside of the door depending on the both the model of the door and your personal needs.

Reposition the Door Opener

Your children can reach up to push a door opener if it’s placed too low. Our technicians can come out to your home and reposition the door opener so that it’s placed higher on the wall or door frame. Since your child may perceive this as a game, you need to encourage your child to stay away from the opener. We can also install a cover over it so that they cannot touch it.

Seal the Door Panel Gaps with Rubber

It’s easy to lodge fingers between door panel gaps. This is especially true for children with tiny fingers. A practical solution for this is to have rubber seals professionally installed. We can custom cut the seals to your door to remove access to the gaps. Your children will not be able to put their little fingers in the gaps.

Door Power Can Childproof Your Garage Door

If you are concerned about your child’s safety around your garage door, then contact Door Power today. We can inspect your door and identify crucial areas that might compromise your kid’s safety. Call us today at 952-467-3199 and let us help you make your garage a safer place for your entire household. We provide garage door repair and installation for home and business owners in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.