Like all other entry doors, your garage door helps to ensure your home is protected. When it’s not working properly, it’s a security threat. Even if your garage door doesn't open, you have to worry about your leaving your vehicle unprotected. Fortunately, common garage door problems can be fixed by employing the services of a garage door professional, such as our team at Door Power.

You Notice Gaps on the Track

Much like tracks used to ensure that trains operate smoothly, your garage door uses a rail to facilitate its movements. When it’s working properly, your garage door opens and closes smoothly. When it’s not working, then you could have a serious problem. Your garage door weights a lot. If the track is compromised, the door could fall and cause serious injuries. If you notice a gap or bend between your rollers and the track, then you should get professional assistance for your door as soon as possible.

You Have Forgotten to Maintain Your Door

Over the years, maintaining your garage door can slip your mind. You may forget that these mechanical parts require oiling and cleaning to ensure the door works properly. Forgetting routine maintenance happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, if you allow your garage door to go unmaintained for a while, it may stop opening. Failing to perform at all is likely due to failed springs. At Door Power, we can replace your springs so that your door works smoothly again.

Your Garage Door Shakes While It’s Closing

If you are like most people, then you are happy when your garage door opens and closes as it should. In fact, it may be months before you notice changes in the way it opens and closes. A shaky door can signal a problem with the springs. They may need to be replaced. A shaky door may also point to the fact that there is debris on the track that’s interrupting the door’s operation. At any rate, you can’t ignore a door that moves while it’s closing; that’s a sign that something is wrong with the door. At Door Power, we can examine your shaky garage door to determine the problem. In many cases, we can fix the problem the same day if we have the materials.

Your Garage Door Opens and Closes on Its Own

If your garage door randomly opens or closes throughout the day, then you have a security issue. By opening when it shouldn’t, your door could be the reason critters get into your home or worse. If you’ve tried to eliminate the obvious fixes, such as making sure someone isn’t pressing the remote unintentionally, then you should contact a professional. At Door Power, we can troubleshoot to determine what is interfering with remote and communication with your system.

If you have any of the problems mentioned above or different garage door problems, we urge you to contact us today. With years of experience in the industry, we can eliminate your garage door repairs and ensure that your home is once again protected at every entry point.