There are at least 200 industry terms that garage door specialists use when installing or repairing a garage door. Although we take the lingo for granted, we can’t expect our clients to know all about garage doors. Therefore, we’ve assembled a list of common and practical garage door components and their function. Having a layman’s knowledge of these terms will help you communicate with your garage door contractor when you begin your next project.

How Do Garage Doors Open?

●      Swing Outward.
Hinged to one side and swings outward like a door on a barn.

●      Swing Upward.
When activated the door tilts up, swings out, and slides in.

●      Roll-upward.
Common in warehouses, factories, and storage units, the door coils when pushed upward.

●      Slide Horizontally.
The door slides horizontally on a track to one side of the garage opening

●      Opens in Sections.
The door is made up of horizontal sections that bend as the door opens and straighten as it closes.

Different Types of Panels

●      Flush Panels.
Clean panels with a smooth surface and no design.

●      Long & Short Panels.
Can be used on single or double doors. Two panels can be stacked on a single door, four panels are symmetrically arranged on a double door.

●      Raised Panels.
Are located along the top of your garage door frame. Although they are generally rectangular, other shapes can be designed.

●      Recessed Panels.
The panels are slightly buried into the door.

●      Beadboard Panels.
Intricate designs made up of a combination of rectangles and squares that can be recessed.

Garage Door Openers

There are essentially three main types of garage door openers:

●      Chain Drive.
Uses a heavy grade metal chain to open the door. They are the most cost-effective type of opener, but they are also loud.

●      Belt Drive.
Uses a heavy grade rubber belt to open the door. They are a bit pricier than chain drives, but they are super quiet and durable.

●      Screw Drive.
Rotates a steel rod, which, in turn, activates the trolley that lowers or raises the door. Screw drive openers have less parts; thus, they require less maintenance.

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