Now that the festivities of last year have ended and you're well into the new year, it's time to turn your attention to your garage door. This time of the year is the perfect time to evaluate your garage door to determine if it needs to be replaced. Look for the following signs.


1. Noise

It's expected that your garage door will make some rattling noises as it runs along the tracks while it opens and closes. Loud noises signal an issue that could be resolved with a replacement garage door. 


2. Heaviness

If you have a manual garage door, you might notice that it gets heavier over time. Instead of trying to explain it away as something to be expected, it's best to have it looked at by a professional. Chances are there are options that weigh less, if you want to keep. You can also switch to an automatic door, too. 


3. Broken springs

Broken garage door springs are one of the most common reasons for repair calls to a garage door repair company. With these integral garage door parts getting used thousands of times over their lifetimes, it's not surprising that they get worn out. When they do, your garage door will become unbalanced. If you aren't able to resist the urge to compensate for this, be prepared to replace your garage door at some point in the near future. 


4. Bent tracks

Garage door tracks can become bent, making them nearly ineffective at opening and closing your garage door difficult. Continued use of the garage door on tracks that are bent could end up with it becoming warped and unusable. 


5. Broken cables

The garage door cable is an important component of its assembly, Its inclusion keeps the garage door from hurtling closed on you and your car if the springs break unexpectedly. Using the garage door when the cables are broken could cause it to become irreparable. 


6. Malfunctioning sensors

Automatic garage doors rely on sensors to open and close. If you find that your garage door opener doesn't work properly -- even after you replace the batteries -- it could be due to sensors that are malfunctioning. These sensors also ensure that the garage door retracts in the event that something is in its path. If they are not able to be repaired, it's a good idea to replace the door.