Garage door installation isn’t something that you go through every day. In fact, it tends to happen only a couple times over the course of a lifetime, so of course, it’s hard to know what to expect. Besides the obvious, of course – that your old garage door is being hauled away and a new one to take its place.

Door Power is here to help clear up the process! As your Norwood residential garage door installation pros, we want you to feel completely comfortable and in control when our technicians arrive to begin their work, and a big part of it is understanding what exactly they’ll be doing!

Let’s do a quick dive into our garage door installation process!

Preliminary Inspection

Garage doors are big, clunky, and require a lot of attention to detail to install correctly. That’s why any reputable residential or commercial garage door installation expert will take a good, thorough look at the specs of your current installation.

While your new garage door probably won’t mimic your old one exactly, (Why else would you get a new one anyway?) important structural information will be garnered from this, including

●        The size your new garage door must be

●        Obstructions that must be worked around (fans, outlets, etcetera)

●        How the track and motor must be mounted in order to ensure optimal performance

And more. Following their info-gathering, your garage door installation pro will rendezvous with you and schedule your appointment. Now, not later, is the time to discuss finances! Before this inspection, you’ll want to have all the necessary info gathered on your end so that everyone will be on the same page.

After this inspection, your technician will also bring up any concerns about installation they have with you. Usually, things go off without a hitch, but detail-oriented technicians like ours will catch these hitches before they become big problems. 

Considering Contracts

At some point, you’ll likely be presented with a contract that may or may not detail the following:

●        Prices and deposits

●        Warranties

●        When work is likely to begin and end

And more. Every garage door pro is different, and each one will want to cover different conditions within official agreements with you in person. Thus, while you may be presented with a contract after the inspection, take the time to read it before signing anything!

We know it sounds obvious, but quite a few homeowners skip the “terms and conditions” phase of the process in favor of speed. This is best done in its entirety when the garage door installation pro is on the scene, so you can ask questions and get clarification in real time.

Before the Installation

Garage door repair and installation pros alike appreciate working in a clean, safe environment. Of course, things don’t have to be sparkling before we get to work. This is your garage, after all! But it’s of great help to us if the work area is free of obstructions and safety hazards.

Please remove all clutter from the area before installation day, and try to park your vehicles as far away from the workspace as possible. Depending on your garage’s structure, your garage door installation expert may make specific requests, so don’t be afraid to touch on the topic while you have the expert there during the inspection.

While the Inspection Takes Place

Your garage door installation pro will appreciate an uninterrupted work time, so the best thing you can do is give them space to get the job done! While you’re of course free to ask questions and get clarification on things, you should expect the process to be relatively hands-off and stress-free.

That being said, please keep an eye on small children and pets. Garage doors are heavy and the job requires quite a bit of concentration, both to safely work with such large equipment and to make sure all the mechanical stuff gets hooked up correctly. We’d also hate to see a child or pet scared by the noise installation creates!

Speaking of noise: garage door installation will make a fair bit of noise.

While we take great precautions to make the process as streamlined and stress-free as possible, when you’re working with power tools and hefty parts, there’s no way around a bit of sound! It may be helpful to inform neighbors of the work being done beforehand so they can prepare themselves.

At some point, too, be prepared for your old garage door to be hauled away. Such a process might mean additional fees, depending on what the signed contract between you and your pro says.

After the Installation

It may look like the work is over when the last screw is tightened, but any good garage door installation company knows otherwise! Once installed, your contractor will go over the workings with you and answer any questions. You’ll also receive a number to call if you have questions after the team leaves, meaning you’ll always be supported.

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